Wasteland Tower Region: Korok Seed Map, Shrines, and Quests | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW)

This page is a map of the Wasteland Tower Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find all Korok Seed locations in the Wasteland Tower Region, as well as quests, shrines, and other locations.

Wasteland Tower Region Korok Seed Map

Wasteland Tower Region Map

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Shrines in Wasteland Tower Region

Shrine Location
Tho Kayu Shrine Toruma Dunes
Takama Shiri Shrine West Barrens
Suma Sahma Shrine Mount Granajh
Raqa Zunzo Shrine Sand-Seal Rally
Misae Suma Shrine East Barrens
Korsh O'hu Shrine East Gerudo Ruins
Kihiro Moh Shrine Yiga Clan Hideout
Kema Zoos Shrine West Barrens
Keive Tala Shrine East Barrens
Kay Noh Shrine Gerudo Desert Gateway
Jee Noh Shrine Gerudo Canyon
Hawa Koth Shrine Dragon's Exile
Dila Maag Shrine South Lomei Labyrinth
Daqo Chisay Shrine Gerudo Town
Dako Tah Shrine Great Cliffs
Divine Beast Vah Naboris Gerudo Desert

Quests in Wasteland Tower Region

Main Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
Divine Beast Vah Naboris Main Quest Riju
Gerudo Town
Forbidden City Entry Main Quest Benja
Gerudo Town

Side Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
An Ice Guy Side Quest Guy
Kara Kara Bazaar
Good-Sized Horse Side Quest Zyle
Gerudo Canyon
Rushroom Rush! Side Quest Pirou
Gerudo Canyon Stable
Missing in Action Side Quest Sesami
Gerudo Canyon Stable
The Forgotten Sword Side Quest Bozai
Gerudo Desert
Tools of the Trade Side Quest Isha
Gerudo Town
The Secret Club's Secret Side Quest Greta
Gerudo Town
The Mystery Polluter Side Quest Dalia
Gerudo Town
The Eighth Heroine Side Quest Bozai
Gerudo Desert
Medicinal Molduga Side Quest Malena
Gerudo Town
The Search for Barta Side Quest Liana
Gerudo Town
The Thunder Helm Side Quest Riju
Gerudo Town

Shrine Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
The Undefeated Champ Shrine Quest Tali
Sand-Seal Rally
Secret of the Snowy Peaks Shrine Quest Mountain Peak Log
Mount Granajh
The Eye of the Sandstorm Shrine Quest Nobiro
Kara Kara Bazaar
The Seven Heroines Shrine Quest Rotana
Gerudo Town
The Desert Labyrinth Shrine Quest ???
South Lomei Labyrinth
The Silent Swordswomen Shrine Quest Laine
Gerudo Town
The Perfect Drink Shrine Quest Pokki
East Barrens

DLC Quests

Quest Type Quest Giver & Location
EX Champion Urbosa's Song DLC Main Quest ???
East Gerudo Mesa

All Locations in Wasteland Tower Region

Yiga Clan Hideout Yarna Valley West Gerudo Ruins West Barrens
Toruma Dunes Stalry Plateau Spectacle Rock Southern Oasis
South Lomei Labyrinth Sand-Seal Rally Palu Wasteland Northern Icehouse
Mount Granajh Koukot Plateau Karusa Valley Kara Kara Bazaar
Great Fairy Fountain (Gerudo Great Skeleton) Great Cliffs Gerudo Great Skeleton Gerudo Desert Gateway
Gerudo Canyon Stable Gerudo Canyon Pass Gerudo Canyon East Gerudo Ruins
East Gerudo Mesa East Barrens Dragon's Exile Daval Peak
Champion's Gate Arbiter's Grounds

All Tower Regions

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Points of Interest

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Shrines Stables
Great Fairy Fountains Korok Seeds

Tower Regions

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Tower Map and All Tower Locations
Dueling Peaks
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