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Breath of the Wild Bows

A list of all bows in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to learn the attack power and locations for all bows!

List of Bows

All BotW Bows

No. Weapon Attack Power Location
328 Bow of Light 100 Unknown
329 Wooden Bow 4 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
330 Traveler's Bow 5 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
331 Soldier's Bow 14 ・Hyrule Field
・Faron Grasslands
332 Knight's Bow 26 ・Gerudo Desert
・Tabantha Frontier
333 Royal Bow 38 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hebra Mountains
334 Forest Dweller's Bow 15 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hyrule Ridge
335 Silver Bow 15 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Akkala Highlands
336 Swallow Bow 9 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hebra Mountains
337 Falcon Bow 20 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hebra Mountains
338 Great Eagle Bow 28 Tabantha Frontier
339 Golden Bow 14 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
340 Phrenic Bow 10 ・West Necluda
・Lake Hylia
341 Ancient Bow 44 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
342 Royal Guard's Bow 50 Unknown
343 Boko Bow 4 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
344 Spiked Boko Bow 12 ・Faron Grasslands
・East Necluda
345 Dragonbone Boko Bow 24 ・Hyrule Ridge
346 Lizal Bow 14 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Lanayru Wetlands
347 Strengthened Lizal Bow 25 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Gerudo Desert
348 Steel Lizal Bow 36 ・Hebra Mountains
・Akkala Highlands
349 Lynel Bow 10 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Lanayru Great Spring
350 Mighty Lynel Bow 20 ・Hyrule Field
・Deep Akkala
351 Savage Lynel Bow 32 ・Hebra Mountains
・Hyrule Field
352 Duplex Bow 14 Gerudo Highlands

No. refers to the Hyrule Compendium number.

All amiibo Bows

Item Attack Power amiibo
Twilight Bow 30 Zelda amiibo

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