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Breath of the Wild Shields

A list of all shields available in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to learn the defense of every shield, and where they are found!

List of Shields

All BotW Shields

No. Shield Def Location
359 Hylian Shield 90 ・Hyrule Castle
・Ganthe's Shop
360 Pot Lid 1 ・Hyrule Field
・East Necluda
361 Wooden Shield 2 ・Hyrule Field
・East Necluda
362 Emblazoned Shield 3 ・East Necluda
・Hebra Mountains
363 Hunter's Shield 3 ・Hebra Mountains
・Lanayru Wetlands
364 Fisherman's Shield 3 ・East Necluda
・Hebra Mountains
365 Traveler's Shield 4 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
366 Soldier's Shield 16 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hyrule Field
367 Knight's Shield 40 ・Hebra Mountains
・Eldin Mountains
368 Royal Shield 55 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains
369 Forest Dweller's Shield 30 Great Hyrule Forest
370 Silver Shield 18 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Lake Hylia
371 Kite Shield 14 ・Hebra Mountains
・Tabantha Frontier
372 Gerudo Shield 20 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
373 Radiant Shield 35 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
374 Daybreaker 48 Gerudo Desert
375 Shield of the Mind's Eye 16 ・West Necluda
・East Necluda
376 Ancient Shield 70 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
377 Rusty Shield 3 ・Hyrule Field
・East Necluda
378 Royal Guard's Shield 70 Unknown
379 Boko Shield 3 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
380 Spiked Boko Shield 10 ・Faron Grasslands
・East Necluda
381 Dragonbone Boko Shield 25 ・Hyrule Ridge
・Necluda Sea
382 Lizal Shield 15 ・Lake Hylia
・East Necluda
383 Reinforced Lizal Shield 22 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Gerudo Desert
384 Steel Lizal Shield 35 ・Hebra Mountains
・Akkala Highlands
385 Guardian Shield 18 ・West Necluda
・Lanayru Great Spring
386 Guardian Shield+ 30 ・East Necluda
・Faron Grasslands
387 Guardian Shield++ 42 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Akkala Highlands
388 Lynel Shield 30 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Hyrule Field
389 Mighty Lynel Shield 44 ・Hyrule Field
・Lanayru Great Spring
390 Savage Lynel Shield 62 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains

No. refers to the Hyrule Compendium number.

All amiibo Shields

Item Defense amiibo
Hero's Shield 65 The Wind Waker Zelda amiibo

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