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Great Fairy Locations

This guide will show you how to find Great Fairy Fountains in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to learn more about the locations of each Great Fairy, as well as the Horse God, and how to unlock them.

How to Use Great Fairy Fountains

Great Fairy Fountain

Before you get to use a Great Fairy's service, the player should donate rupees first to unlock a Great Fairy Fountain. The cost of unlocking them depends on the order of finding one, with the exception of the Horse God, who will only ask for 1,000 rupees regardless of whether you've unlocked other Great Fairies.

  • First Great Fairy: 100 rupees
  • Second Great Fairy: 500 rupees
  • Third Great Fairy: 1,000 rupees
  • Fourth Great Fairy: 10,000 rupees
  • Horse God: 1,000 rupees

Used to Upgrade Armor

Great Fairy Upgrade

As mentioned earlier, a Great Fairy can offer to upgrade Link's armor to increase its effects and defense. But the materials required for the upgrade will depend on the chosen armor and their upgrade status.

Upgrading an armor will give it a star symbol indicating that it has already been upgraded. Each succeeding Great Fairy you unlock will increase their upgrade capabilties, as well as having more stars in your armor.

Used to Revive a Dead Horse

Horse God Revive

After paying the Horse God a measly fee of 1,000 rupees, it can revive any of the dead horses that have been under your care. The horses must be registered in any stable around Hyrule for them to get ressurected by the Horse God.

Great Fairy Fountain Locations

There are five (5) Great Fairies around Hyrule, including a Horse God that offers a different but useful service. Activating a Great Fairy Fountain comes with a price so make sure you're packed with rupees when you find one.

Great Fairy Cotera

Great Fairy Cotera can be found in the West Necluda region. Head over to Kakariko Village and find the Tal'noh Naeg shrine on top of the hill. From there, head into the woods behind it and you should see her.

Great Fairy Kayasa

Great Fairy Kayasa can be found in the Tabantha region. Climb on top of the Tabantha Tower and look from the southeast side of the tower. Once you find her in a small plateau, you can just glide to her.

Great Fairy Mija

Great Fairy Mija can be found in the Akkala region. You can spot her from the east side of Akkala Tower where she is surrounded by colorful trees and near Dah Hesho shrine.

Great Fairy Tera

Great Fairy Tera can be found in the Gerudo region. She is the most difficult to find as you will need cooling effects to survive the hot temperature.A Sand Seal will make travelling easier.

Head all the way to the southwestern part of the map and you should see her hiding under a large skeleton. You may encounter a sandstorm along the way, which will disable your map. So make sure you put a pin on her location before venturing towards the desert.

Horse God

The Horse God Malanya is similar to the Great Fairies, except it looks like a horse. Instead of upgrading your clothing, Malanya can ressurect any dead horses that have been under Link's care.

You can find the Horse God in the Faron region. From the Ka'o Makagh shrine, follow the road headed east then turn right once you reach a fork in the road. Keep following the road until you reach a fountain past the bridge.

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