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Contract: Deadly Delights Walkthrough and Best Choice

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This is a guide to the quest titled Contract: Deadly Delights from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn locations, rewards, best choices, best outcomes, as well as useful tips and strategy for completing this quest.

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- Contract: Deadly Delights -

Contract: Deadly Delights Location and Rewards

Basic Information

Quest Number -
Region Novigrad
Quest Location Harborside Crippled Kate's
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -


Gold Reward 186
Exp Reward 270
Item Reward None

How to Unlock Contract: Deadly Delights

You can unlock this quest by picking up the notice Contract Issued by the Temple Guard of the City of Novigrad on the notice board at the Harborside west of the City of Novigrad.

Is Contract: Deadly Delights Missable or Failable?

You cannot miss or fail this quest.

Contract: Deadly Delights Walkthrough

1 Talk to the Novigrad Guard near the bride about the contract.
2 Go to the north side of the docks and talk to the medic for more information about the contract.
3 Go to Glory Lane then examine and follow the footprints using your Witcher Senses.
4 Talk to the brothel owner about the guard's deaths.
5 Follow the scent of the perfume bottle using your Witcher Senses and talk to the charmed townsman.
Go to the quest location and enter the house. (If you used Axii on the brothel owner.)
6 Confront the Succubus and choose how to deal with her.
7 Report back to the Novigrad Guard about the contract.

Contract: Deadly Delights Choices and Best Choice

Salma the Succubus

Succubus Choice

Kill Her

If you decide to kill her, you will fight with her and you will be able to get the Succubus mutagen which you only have 2 chances to get in the game.

Spare Her

If you decide to spare her, she will still give you the Succubus trophy and you will still get rewarded by the Novigrad Guard.

Best Choice

The best choice here is to Kill the Succubus in order to get the Succubus mutagen.

Contract: Deadly Delights Tips and Strategies

Questing Tips

Succubus Mutagen

This quest is the one of the two only chances that you can get a Succubus mutagen in the whole game. If you decide to spare the succubus then the only other chance to get a Succubus mutagen is on the quest Practicum in Advanced Alchemy.

Combat Strategies


  • Use your Steel Sword since a Silver Sword, even coated with Hybrid Oil is ineffective against her.
  • Use the Axii or Aard Signs to interrupt her spell casting and give yourself an opening to attack.
  • Throw Dimeritium bombs to prevent her from using some of her spells.
Succubus Weaknesses and Loot

Is Contract: Deadly Delights Worth It?

This section is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

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