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In the Heart of the Woods Walkthrough Choices and Best Choice

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This is a guide to the quest titled In the Heart of the Woods from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn locations, rewards, best choices, best outcomes, as well as useful tips, strategy for completing this quest, choices and best choice to choose.

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- In the Heart of the Woods -

In the Heart of the Woods Location and Rewards

Basic Information

Quest Number -
Region Skellige
Quest Location Fayrlund
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -


Gold Reward 60
Exp Reward 50
Item Reward None

How to Unlock In the Heart of the Woods

You can start this quest by either finding the notice or by overhearing the crowd in Farylund.

Is In the Heart of the Woods Missable or Failable?

This quest is not failable.

In the Heart of the Woods Walkthrough

1 Head to the marker south of Farylund to check what happened.
2 Use your Witcher Senses to examine footprints near east of the body.
3 Follow the trail. Examine the dog corpse then continue following the trail.
4 Continue following the trail to a corpse pinned to a stone. Continue following the trail to boulders with the scratch marks and examine them. There are 3 white wolves in the area you will have to kill.
5 Read the Beastiery page on Leshens in the Relicts section.
6 Speak to either Harald or Sven or both about the Leshen. You will have to decide whethether to side with Harald or Sven. More information in the In the Hearts of the Woods Choices and Best Choice section.

Talk to Harald

1 Head to the altar in the woods south west of Farylund.
2 Once you get to the altar, 5 white wolves will spawn. Kill them.
3 Loot the corpses of the wolves you have just killed and pick up 5 wolf hearts.
4 Place the offering onto the altar. Recieve 20 XP.
5 Talk to Harald for your reward of 60 Crowns and 50 XP.
After receiving the reward, Sven will come to kill and kill Harald. You can choose to defend Harald or leave him to die. Does not have any effect on gameplay.

Talk to Sven

1 Use your Witcher Senses on Hilde, the woman outside the house with crows flying overhead in the west of the village.
2 Talk to Sven.
3 Destroy 3 of the totems in the forest. 3 Wolves will be guarding the second one and the 4 will be guarding the last one.
4 Use your Witcher Senses and head towards the red sound waves.
5 Kill the Leshen. Receive 50 XP.
6 Loot it's corpse for the Leshen Trophy.
7 Head back to Sven for your reward of 60 Crowns, 50 XP, and Assassin's boots.

In the Hearts of the Woods Choices and Best Outcome

Siding with Harald

Siding with Harald.jpg
Siding with Harald will mean having to renew the pact with the Woodland Spirit. You will receive 60 Crowns and 50 XP.

Siding with Sven

Siding with Sven.jpg
Killing the Leshen will have you exile or kill an innocent villager then fighting the Woodland Spirit, ending with Sven killing all of the elders of the village. You will be rewarded with 60 Crowns, 50 XP, and Assassin's boots. You will also have the Leshen Trophy you get for killing the Leshen.

Best Choice

If you side with Sven you will have to fight the Woodland Spirit, but in return, you will receive more spoils. It is also the only way to get the achievement/trophy Woodland Spirit.

In the Heart of the Woods Tips and Strategies

Fighting the Woodland Spirit Strategy


Melee attack When close to the Woodland Spirit it will try to hit you with its claws.
Root attack The Woodland Spirit will send out roots to attack you from afar.


Using Relict Oil on your sword will be effective to increase your damage against the Leshen. When fighting the Woodland Spirit, try sticking close to it and go for light attacks. It will try to swipe with its claws, but with its speed, it should be easy to dodge.

After 4-5 hits, it will turn into its smoke form, making itself invulnerable. If you do end up being at a range against the Woodland Spirit, watch out for when it puts its hands into the ground.

It will be attacking with its root attack when it does. Igni is very effective against the Woodland Spirit, dealing lots of burn damage when hit.
Leshen Location, Weaknesses, and Loot

Is In the Heart of the Woods Worth It?

This Quest is Worth It

This quest can be worth it as it is the only way to get the achievement/trophy Woodland Spirit. The rewards are also good for a quick quest. Story-wise it has something for players who enjoy tough decisions.

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