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This is the character page for Martin Sandwich from the game Resident Evil Resistance. Read on to learn more about Martin, his background, and his skills!

Martin Sandwich


Name Martin Sandwich
Occupation Mechanic
Age 19
Class Support

Martin Sandwich is an extremely skilled mechanic who found employment at a medical appliance manufacturer. However, when he was deployed to do repairs at the Spencer Memorial Hospital, he came across a hidden testing facility and was forced to take part in a horrifying virus experiment.

Martin's Skills

Fever Skill

Fever Skill
Martin Fever Skill Flash Baton
Emits a blinding flash that interrupts and temporarily paralyzes nearby enemies.

Skill Variants

Defensive Icon.pngEnhance Increases enemy paralysis duration.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
Instant Icon.pngRapid Cooldown Shortens base cooldown.
Base cooldown: 90 seconds
Special Icon.pngShockwave Blinds cameras and destroys traps within range.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds

Personal Skill

Personal Skill
Martin Personal Skill Makeshift Mine
Martin can place a Makeshift Mine to obstruct nearby enemies.

Skill Variants

AOE Icon.pngShock Places a Shock Mine that deals minor damage and causes temporary paralysis to creatures that draw near.
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Combat Icon.pngFlame Places a Flame Mine that explodes and burns enemies, dealing moderate damage.
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Special Icon.pngSignal Jammer Places a Signal Jammer to prevent the Mastermind from using creatures, traps, and their Ultimate Skill within the effective range.
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Passive Skills

Passive Skill
Martin Passive Skill 1 Life Hacks
Martin can mod his weapons and clothes using his peculiar creativity.
Martin Passive Skill 2 Sapper
Martin's extensive knowledge of explosives allows him to approach and disarm traps without triggering them.

Life Hacks Skill Variants

AOE Icon.pngReinforce Increases critical hit chance. Also increases durability added to repaired melee weapons.
Anti-Toxin Icon.pngGas Mask Greatly increases resistance to infection.
Defensive Icon.pngBulletproof Greatly reduces damage received from firearm attachments.

Sapper Skill Variants

Instant Icon.pngNimble Allows you to disarm traps faster.
Combat Icon.pngSwitcheroo Allows you to spawn a Makeshift Mine in place of disarmed traps.
Defensive Icon.pngMinesweeper Traps will not trigger even when running.

Martin Strategy Guide

Martin Gameplay
Martin's skills make him a master at controlling the objects in an area. His skills allow him and his teammates to have some space to work with regardless of the number of enemies in the area. Flash Baton can be used to temporarily paralyze enemies, including Bioweapons, to give his team some breathing room.

He can also combine his skills Makeshift Mine and Sapper to hijack mines planted by the Mastermind to replace them with his own.

Tips When Using Martin

More traps means more control

Since handling traps are Martin's specialty, you should always be aware of the ground in-case there are any traps. Traps that have been hijacked by him can become a great asset especially if the Mastermind is trying to swarm the team with zombies.

You are incharge of controlling the chaos in the area

Due to Martin's skill set, his strength comes from controlling the chaos in an area with his skills. He can lay down or hijack traps to deal with multiple zombies at once or he can also use his Fever Skill, Flash Baton, to quickly paralyze every enemy and give him and his team a chance to escape.

Recommended Skill Variants

The recommended skill variants you should equip should rotate around Martin's ability to control an area.

Below are the skill variants you should equip to maximize Martin's potential:

Instant Icon.pngFever Skill: Rapid Cooldown Shortens base cooldown. Reduces cooldown to 90 seconds.
Special Icon.pngPersonal Skill: Signal Jammer Places a Signal Jammer to prevent the Mastermind from using creatures, traps, and their Ultimate Skill within the effective range.
Anti-Toxin Icon.pngPassive Skill 1: Gas Mask Greatly increases resistance to infection.
Combat Icon.pngPassive Skill 2: Switcheroo Allows you to spawn a Makeshift Mine in place of disarmed traps.

Recommended Equipment

The recommended equipment you should have revolves around your own survivability while trying to support the team by controlling the area.

Below is the equipment you should have to make Martin a master of controlling the area:

Bulletproof Vest I-III Increases maximum HP depending on which level is equipped.
Mortar and Pestle I-III Increases the effect healing items have on your character depending on which level is equipped.
EMT License I-III Decreases how much time it takes to revive defeated teammates depending on which level is equipped.
Army Boots Slightly increases movement speed.

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