Sewers to Subway Walkthrough | Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3)

This walkthrough will take you through the Sewers and Subway areas of Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). For tips and strategies, as well as a list of items and Mr. Charlie Dolls that can be found, read on.

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Substation to Subway Office Police Station ▶︎

Sewers to Subway - Story Walkthrough

Sewers to Subway Walkthrough Chart

Upper Waterway
Sewers 2.png
Lower Waterway
Sewers 1.png
Clear Time: 40 minutes
1 Escape Nemesis and enter the vents. Note: You can get Shotgun Ammo if you deal enough damage to Nemesis.
2 Go through the sewers and get MGL the Grenade Launcher.
3 Go to the Lab and get the Battery Pack.
4 Open the door using the Battery Pack and unlock the iron doors.
5 Grab the Battery Pack
6 Enter the Security Room and get the Hip Pouch.
7 Exit the Security Room and grab the Battery Pack.
8 Climb Down the ladder and use the Battery Pack to open the door.
9 Climb the building and Fight Nemesis on the rooftop.
10 Get the Kendo's Gate Key inside the Gun Shop and open the steel door.
11 Go to the Subway while escaping from Nemesis.
12 Avoid the giant Toy Uncle Head.
13 Meet up with Carlos and trigger the cutscene.
14 Go to Police Station

Hunter Gamma Encounter

Jil IconGame8 Team When fighting against a Hunter Gamma for the first time, use your shotgun immediately. You will only have a small area to move around so it is best to deal damage as fast as possible.

Things to Do in the Sewers and Subway

Get the Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher.jpg
You can find the MGL Grenade Launcher inside the small room after killing the first Hunter Gamma you encounter.

Get the Battery Pack

Battery Pack.jpg
You should pick up the Battery Pack inside the small lab located in the sewers, as it opens most of the doors you need to enter and exit the sewers.

Get the Hip Pouch in the Security Room

Hip Pouch.jpg
You can find another Hip Pouch inside the security room before leaving the sewers. You will need to use the Battery Pack to open this door.

Get the Shotgun Barrel

You can improve your shotgun by combining it with the Semi-Auto Barrel that you can pick up inside the Gun Shop Kendo.

Get the Gate Key

Gate Key.jpg
Go inside the Gun Shop Kendo and pick up Kendo's Gate Key and use it on the alley on the left side of the building.

Location of Mr. Charlie Dolls in the Sewers and Subway

Location Map
★ Location: 7. Behind the iron bars in Lower Waterway.
Location Map
★ Location: 8. Above the blue door inside the stairway at Upper Waterway.
Location Map
★ Location: 9. Near the entrance of the house inside the alley beside Gun Shop Kendo.

Location of All Mr. Charlie Dolls (Bobbleheads)

Available Items and Trophies in the Sewers and Subway

List of Available Items

Item Location

Enemies in the Sewers and Subway

How to Kill Hunter Gammas

Hunter Gamma
Hunter Gamma.jpg
Location: Sewers
Recommended Weapons:Grenade Launcher, Shotgun
Checkmark.pngHunter Gamma is extremely weak against your grenade launcher. It will only require 1 good hit to kill them using Explosive Rounds.

How to Kill Hunter Gammas

How to Beat Nemesis (Flamethrower)

Nemesis (Flamethrower)
Location: Downtown
Recommended Weapons:Hand Grenade
Checkmark.pngNemesis can be defeated using only three Hand Grenades. Look for an opening before using your grenade to avoid taking damage.

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Substation to Subway Office Police Station ▶︎
No. Walkthrough Section Clear Time
Opening 15 minutes
Downtown 20 minutes
Substation ~ Subway Office 40 minutes
Sewers ~ Subway 40 minutes
Police Station 30 minutes
Subway Tunnel ~ Clock Tower 15 minutes
Hospital 70 minutes
Underground Storage 25 minutes
Nest 2 40 minutes
100% Walkthrough After Clearing Story

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