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This walkthrough will take you through the Underground Storage area of Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). For tips and strategies, as well as a list of items and Mr. Charlie Dolls that can be found, read on.

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Hospital Nest 2

Underground Storage Walkthrough

Underground Storage - Walkthrough Chart

Clear Time: 25 minutes
1 Head to the Underground Facility.
2 Use the elevator to get to Nicholai.
3 Collect all three Fuses.
How to Collect All Fuses in 5 minutes
4 Use the elevator to get to the Surveillance Room.
5 A cutscene with Tyrell will trigger.
6 Escape Nemesis 2nd Form.
7 Go to Nest 2.

Things to Do in the Underground Storage

Collect All Three Fuses

Collect all 3 Fuse.jpg
You will need to collect all three Fuses to ride the elevator going up to the Surveillance Room. These Fuses can be seen on the breakers surrounded with the bright red light.

How to Collect All Fuses in 5 minutes

Collect Magnum Barrel

Magnum Barrel.jpg
Once you reach the Surveillance Room, head to the glass window infront of the control panel to get the Magnum Barrel inside the Box.

Location of Mr. Charlie Dolls in the Underground Storage

Location Map
Doll 17-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 17-2.jpgEnlarge
★ Location: On top of the fork lift before the elevator leading to Underground Storage.
Location Map
Doll 18-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 18-2.jpgEnlarge
★ Location: On the cabinet after you cross the tight space in Underground Storage.

Location of All Mr. Charlie Dolls

Available Items and Trophies in the Underground Storage

List of Available Items

Item Location

Enemies in the Underground Storage

How to Beat Pale Heads

Pale Head
Pale Heads.jpg
Location: Underground Storage
Recommended Weapon: Shotgun
Checkmark.pngPale Heads regenerate HP from minor damage, so try to use a more powerful weapon than a handgun. Using your shotgun is the most efficient way to deal damage because of the spread, which also helps you deal with the Pale Heads' quick movements.

How to Beat Pale Heads

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Hospital Nest 2
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Opening 15 minutes
Downtown 20 minutes
Substation ~ Subway Office 40 minutes
Sewers ~ Subway 40 minutes
Police Station 30 minutes
Subway Tunnel ~ Clock Tower 15 minutes
Hospital 70 minutes
Underground Storage 25 minutes
Nest 2 40 minutes
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I thought I can get all the fuses under 5 mins in nightmare difficulty but I was wrong lol. I should have chosen an easier mode. hahaha

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