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This page contains walkthroughs and useful strategies for killing the various enemies in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). For more information, select from one of the battle walkthroughs below and learn which weapons you should use, as well as how you should handle each monster.

Resident Evil 3 Enemies


Location: All of Racoon City
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
☆☆☆☆ Handguns Head | Legs
Zombies are the result of humans becoming the undead due to the t-Virus. They are scattered all around Racoon City because of the sudden outbreak and can infect others by biting them.

How to Kill Zombies

NE-Alpha Parasite

Location: Racoon City
Nemesis Parasite
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★☆☆☆ Handguns Head | Legs
Ne-Alpha Parasites are zombies that have been infected with the "Nemesis Alpha" or "NE-α Type" parasite. This is the first appearance of these special zombies in the game and they also have tentacle attacks similar to Nemesis.

How to Kill NE-Alpha Parasites

Hunter Beta

Location: Hospital
Hunter Beta
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★★★ Grenade Launcher
(Acid Rounds)
The Hunter Beta is a human-reptile hybrid which uses the t-Virus as a DNA bonding agent. The Hunter B was made to improve upon its predecessor the Hunter Alpha. In the game, the Hunter has made the Hospital its hunting grounds.

How to Kill Hunter Betas

Hunter Gamma

Location: Sewers
Hunter Gamma
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★★☆☆ Grenade Launcher
(Explosive Rounds)
The Hunter Gamma is a human-amphibian hybrid which uses human DNA bonded to an amphibian egg infected with the t-Virus. The Hunter Gamma looks like a large frog with an enormous mouth.

How to Kill Hunter Gammas

Drain Deimos

Location: Substation
Drain Deimos
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★★☆☆ Grenade Launcher
(Incendiary Ammo)
The Drain Deimos is a parasitic creature that has been mutated by the t-Virus. These were once tiny parasites that sucked the blood of zombies infected with the t-Virus enlarging them and making them more aggressive.

How to Kill Drain Deimoses


Location: Police Station
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★★☆☆ Assault Rifle Head
Lickers are mutated humans that underwent a forced second mutation from the t-Virus instead of becoming normal zombies. Their notable features are mainly that they are skinless, have an exposed brain, and have very long tongues.

How to Kill Lickers

Pale Head

Location: Nest 2
Pale Head
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weakness
★★★★ Magnum Head
Pale Heads are zombies that underwent a special mutation. These kinds of zombies have a special trait than helps them regenerate from the damage they take. It is significantly faster than a normal zombie and it is recommended to use weapons that can damage it faster than it can regenerate.

How to Kill Pale Heads

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