Substation to Subway Office Walkthrough | Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3)

This walkthrough will take you through the Substation and Subway Office areas of Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). For tips and strategies, as well as a list of items and Mr. Charlie Dolls that can be found, read on.

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Downtown Sewers to Subway ▶︎

Substation to Subway Office - Story Walkthrough

Substation Map
Clear Time: 40 minutes
1 Get the Chain Cutter from the warehouse on the back part of the alley.
2 Use the chain cutter to open the red door.
3 Pick up the Shotgun from the back room of the Subway Office (No Effect on the Story).
4 Head toward the substation from the back of the warehouse.
5 Get the lock pick from the case near the dead body.
6 Use the key pick to get inside of the substation.
7 Connect the four breakers in the substation to restore power.
8 Nemesis will appear after you leave the substation.
Note: You'll get a long magazine after dealing enough damage to Nemesis. He can be taken out with a single grenade.
9 Head toward the Subway Office while running away from Nemesis.
10 Bring the system back up in the back room of the Subway Office.
Train Route Puzzle Solution
11 A scene will trigger when you leave the donut shop.
Note: You'll get a moderator after dealing enough damage to Nemesis.
12 Head to the subway.
13 Go to Sewers to Subway

Get Rid of Parasites With Herbs

Jil IconGame8 Team Drain Deimos are nasty creatures who can infect you with parasites. If you take damage from them, you'll need to restore HP with an herb. We recommend only using what you need to restore your missing HP, so go with a Green Herb!

Things to Do in the Substation and Subway Office

Get the Chain Cutter in the Warehouse

Chain Cutter.png
From the warehouse found up the stairs on the other side of the pharmacy, you can get a chain cutter. This item will allow you to cut chains you will see on doors that prevent you from going through them.

Get the Shotgun From the Back of the Subway Office

There is a shotgun that can be taken off the wall in the back room of the Subway Office. By using the Chain Cutter that you picked up in the Warehouse, you can get it down from the wall.

Get the Lock Pick from the Case Near the Dead Body

Key Pick.png

After leaving the Warehouse and heading toward the Substation, there will be a dead body propped up against a fence. Underneath the body's elbow, you can inspect the case to get a lock pick.

Restore the Control System in the Subway Office

Subway Office.png

You will have to solve the this puzzle in order to restore the control system. By adjustng the panel in front of you via the dial, a green light will turn on and the system will come back on.

See the Puzzle Solution (Spoilers Ahead!)

Puzzle Solution

Alphabet Numbers
1st Line RE 01
2nd Line FA 02
3rd Line RA 03
4th Line SA 02
5th Line FO 01

Location of Mr. Charlie Dolls in the Substation and Subway Office

Location Map
★ Location: Below the control panel inside the Subway Control Room.
Location Map
★ Location: Inside the Control Room in Subway Power Station, just above the cabinet.

Location of All Mr. Charlie Dolls (Bobbleheads)

Available Items and Trophies in the Substation and Subway Office

List of Available Items

Item Location

Available Trophies

Trophy How to Unlock

Enemies in the Substation and Subway Office

How to Kill Drain Deimoses

Drain Deimos
Location: Substation
Recommended Weapon: Handgun, Shotgun
Checkmark.png Drain Deimos instantly dies to one shotgun hit, so make sure to get the shotgun before attempting to turn on the power.

How to Kill Drain Deimoses

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Downtown Sewer to Subway ▶︎
No. Walkthrough Section Clear Time
Opening 15 minutes
Downtown 20 minutes
Substation ~ Subway Office 40 minutes
Sewers ~ Subway 40 minutes
Police Station 30 minutes
Subway Tunnel ~ Clock Tower 15 minutes
Hospital 70 minutes
Underground Storage 25 minutes
Nest 2 40 minutes
100% Walkthrough After Clearing Story

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