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This is a walkthrough for fighting with the second form of Nemesis in Resident Evil (Remake). Here we will cover tips on dealing with Nemesis's 2nd form, as well as the types of attacks he can use. Additionally, we will show the changes between the original Nemesis and the Remake.

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Nemesis (2nd Form) Basic Information

Nemesis (2nd Form) Location and Weak Points

Location: Clock Tower
Nemesis 2nd Form.jpg
Danger Level Recommended Weapon Weak Spot
★★★★★ Shotgun
Grenade Launcher

Nemesis (2nd Form) Walkthrough

Nemesis 2nd Form Attacks and Movements

Attack Pattern Motion
Dash + Attack Dashes in quickly and hits a huge area of the ground with its right arm
Ground Attack Beats the ground with both arms
Roar Roars loudly and prevents the player from moving
Jump Approaches and jumps on the player
Grab + Bite Bites immediately after grabbing
Run up + Slam Runs up close and slams you with his left arm
Body Slam Slams its body on the ground after a small jump
Building Dash
Note: Only happens in the first battle
Dashes around a nearby building
Tentacle Thrust
Note: Does this from the second battle
Extends its tentacles straight forward and attacks
Triple Tentacle Attack
Note: Does this from the second battle
Swings its left hand tentacle nearby three times
Tank Spin
Note: Does this from the second battle
Dashes around the nearby area

★ Dodging the Dash + Attack from Nemesis is essential

The hardest attack to dodge from Nemesis's second form is the one where he rushes in and hits a large aread of ground right after. Getting the timing on your perfect dodges correct is essential. If you dodge right when Nemesis (2nd Form) lands on the ground, you should be able to avoid its attack.

★ Grab + Bite Attack deals a ton of damage

The thing you really have to watch out for is the attack where it bites your stomach right after grabbing you. Compared with its other attacks, this one has enormous damage output, so its the move that you should be vigilant of above all others. This move starts with Nemesis jumping in from far away, so make sure to keep your distance and keep making use of perfect dodges.

★ Essential - Watch out for the triple tentacle attack in the 2nd battle!

Once you deal enough damage to Nemesis's 2nd form in the 2nd battle, it will extend its tentacles to attack you. This is a very annoying attack that has a huge range, and if the first tentacle manages to hit you, you'll usually get hit by the second and third as well. Get used to seeing the attack motion and use perfect dodges to escape the attack, or constantly keep your distance from it.

How to Fight Nemesis 2nd Form (1st Battle)

Absolute Musts
Checkmark.pngMove around and don't let Nemesis out of your site!

Checkmark.pngBig opening when Nemesis is climbing on the wall!

Checkmark.pngAim for his heart after he falls!

Checkmark.pngPick up the items that drop nearby!

Always move around while keeping Nemesis in your field of vision

Nemesis will jump at you from a distance or roar to stun you and follow-up with an attack, but these can both be avoided fairily easily, so long as you keep Nemesis in your sight while moving around. Even if you are going to pick up some nearby items or when it is crawling on a building, don't let it off of your screen.

Take Nemesis crawling on the wall as your chance!

Mine Thrower.gif

When you see Nemesis doing the movement where it crawls around on the wall, this is a good opportunity to pick up items in the vicinity. Or, if you see it going in a circle on the building, shoot a mine thrower on the building near where it will move or hit it with a grenade launcher to do some easy damage.

His heart becomes visible after he falls - Target it!

Nemesis 2nd Weak Spot.jpg
If you are able to knock Nemesis off the building with a mine thrower from your grenade launcher, it will come falling down. While it is stunned, its weakspot (a tentacle) will come out from where its heart was, so use your shotgun or handgun to blast the tentacle and inflict a significant portion of damage.

List All of Weapons

Pick up the items in the nearby area

Nemesis 2nd Items.jpg

Once the battle starts, you can pick up some Shotgun Shells and Mine Thrower Rounds , as well as Medicinal Spray nearby. After the battle is over and you approach a nearby tunnel, a cutscene will trigger, and you'll have to leave the area, so be sure and grab these all before finishing Nemesis off.

How to Fight Nemesis 2nd Form (2nd Battle)

Absolute Musts
Checkmark.pngListen to Carlos!

Checkmark.pngTake out the zombies that show up!

Checkmark.pngUse explosive rounds from the grenade launcher to stop its movement!

Checkmark.pngUse Mine Throwers to knock it down!

Checkmark.pngAttack the weak points that show up!

Listen for Carlos's advice!

Carlos Nemesis.jpg
During the second battle with Nemesis's 2nd Form, Carlos will help you out. In particular, he'll warn you when zombies show up, or when Nemesis is hiding behind the tank, he'll tell you the passcode. After he gives you the tank's passcode, get your weapon out right away and shoot the red part of the tank to electrocute Nemesis.

Take out the zombies that show up

During the battle, some zombies will enter the area. If you don't do anything about them, you won't be able to focus on Nemesis, or the zombies could surprise you with an attack while you are trying to fight, So wait until Nemesis is running around the tanks and mow them down with your shotgun.

How to Beat Zombies

Stop its movement with Explosive Rounds

Explosive Rounds.gif
When fighting with Nemesis in this battle, if you use an explosive round from your grenade launcher to hit Nemesis just before he attacks you, you'll be able to stop his movement. If it looks like you won't be able to effectively perfect dodge, this is a good backup plan.

Use the Mine Thrower when Nemesis is dashing around the tanks

Mine Thrower 2.png

Just like in the first battle, you can using Nemesis running around the tanks as your opportunity to pick up the various items. Also, like in the first battle, if you time your shot right, you can use your mine throwers from your grenade launcher to knock him down.

His heart becomes visible after he falls - Target it!

If you are able to knock Nemesis off the building with a mine thrower from your grenade launcher, it will come falling down. While it is stunned, its weakspot (a tentacle) will come out from where its heart was, so use your shotgun or handgun to blast the tentacle and inflict a significant portion of damage.

Differences Between Original Nemesis 2nd Form and Remake

Quadrupedal instead of bipedal

Nemesis Original.jpg

In the original RE3, the parasites inside Nemesis's body grew large and broke through its skin as a result of Nemesis's jacket breaking through its long battle with Jill, which created Nemesis's second form. It would use the long tentacle from its right arm as a whip to attack. In the remake, the second form spawns as a result of Nemesis's body catching fire from the flamethrower, then melting until it was no longer bipedal.

Attacks are now totally different along with its movement

Since the amount of limbs it moves on changed, naturally, its movement became much quicker. In addition, instead of using its tentacle in a whip like fashion to attack, Nemesis now uses its leg power and sharp beast-like fangs to move around and attack.

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