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This page contains information on What are the controls in Resident Evil Resistance. Read on to lean information about the controls for masterminds, survivors and bioweapons.

Game Controls on Resistance



Button Function
X button.png Interact
O button.png Cancel
Triangle button.png Open Item Menu
Square button.png Reload Weapon
Directional Buttons Use Shortcut
L stick.png Move
L3 button.png Run
R stick.png Move Camera
R3 button.png Reset Camera
L2.png Aim
R1.png Hold Personal Skill
R2.png Attack
L1.png+R1.png Fever Skill
Touchpad.png Open Map



Button Function
X button.png Confirm
O button.png Cancel
Square button.png Interact using E.I.S. system
Directional Buttons Select Skill Card
L stick.png Zoom In / Zoom Out
R stick.png Move Camera
L1.png or R1.png Change Camera
Touchpad.png Open Map


Button Function
O button.png Heavy Attack
Triangle button.png Grab Attack
Square button.png Light Attack
L stick.png Move
R stick.png Move Camera
L1.png Defensive Mode
R1.png Pursuit Mode
L3 button.png+R3 button.png Stop Controlling Bioweapon

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7 Anonymous12 months

>>6 lol i play a lot of different games and it is really hard to keep up with all the controls that's why it is getting jumble up in memory or the muscle memory you are talking of

6 Anonymousabout 1 year

>>5 you just need to relax your muscles and let it take control of you! it's not that hard to remember the controls

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