MGL Grenade Launcher - How to Get and Custom Parts | Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3)

This page will show you how to get the MGL Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). Read on to learn more about this weapon and its available custom parts!

MGL Grenade Launcher - Basic Information

Basic Information

MGL Grenade Launcher image
Ammunition Flame rounds
Acid Rounds
Explosive Rounds
Mine Rounds
Description Semi-auto grenade launcher prototype capable of firing many types of rounds. It takes a while to reload, but boasts strong damage output.

Where to Find the MGL Grenade Launcher

Find it in the Sewers

Grenade Launcher Location
You can find the Grenade Launcher in the Sewers, in the Office Safe Room. After Jill slides down into the lower waterway and encounters a split in the path, keep going straight to reach the Office.

MGL Grenade Launcher Custom Parts

This weapon does not have any custom parts.

How to Use the MGL Grenade Launcher

Using the MGL Grenade Launcher on Nemesis

The Grenade Launcher can deal massive damage against Nemesis, with flame rounds doing the most damage out of them all. He can dodge the grenades, so it is recommended to fire it when he is vulnerable or when he is attacking.

Nemesis Second Form

During the fight against Nemesis' second form, the mine rounds will be highly effective. When Nemesis starts running in a circle, simply fire a mine in his way. Once hit by the explosion, Nemesis will become vulnerable.

Using the MGL Grenade Launcher on Enemies

The Grenade Launcher's effect will differ based on the grenade rounds used.

Flame Rounds

The flame rounds are powerful incendiary explosives that light any enemy hit and the area around it on fire, burning enemies that come into contact. It is also Hunter Gamma's weakness.

Acid Rounds

Causes an explosion of acid, dousing any enemy in acid in its radius. It does not do as much damage as flame rounds, but can slow enemies it hits. It is good against Hunter Betas and Pale Heads.

Explosive Rounds

The grenade launcher fires a basic explosive dealing massive damage in a wide area.

Mine Rounds

Similar to explosive rounds, these mine rounds cause explosions that deal massive damage. Unlike explosive rounds, however, is the fact that the mines do not explode right away, instead sticking to the surface they land on. It will only activate when an enemy is in its proximity.

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