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This is the character page for Tyrone Henry from the game Resident Evil Resistance. Read on to learn more about Tyrone, his background, and his skills!

Tyrone Henry Basic Information

Name Tyrone Henry
Occupation Fire Fighter
Age 25
Class Tank

Tyrone Henry works for the Raccoon City Fire Department. However, during his duty to fight a fire at an Umbrella factory, he suddenly disappeared and was reported killed in the line of duty.

Tyrone's Skills

Fever Skill

Fever Skill
Tyrone - 1.jpg. size:90x90
Tyrone increases the morale of his teammates, decreasing damage taken for a set duration.

Skill Variants

Defensive Icon.pngSafeguard Greatly decreases damage dealt to teammates.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
Recovery Icon.pngLife Line Restores health to nearby teammates.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
AOE Icon.pngRapid Response Increases the movement speed of nearby teammates while Rally is active.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds

Personal Skill

Personal Skill
Tyrone - 2.jpg. size:90x90
Power Kick
Tyrone can attack enemies in front of him with a powerful kick
Cooldown: 9~15 seconds

Skill Variants

Instant Icon.pngPumped Up Shortens cooldown.
Cooldown: 9 seconds
AOE Icon.pngBarge Increases door-ramming power and damage dealt by Power Kick.
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Combat Icon.pngSide-Kick Allows you to use a powerful side-kick that deals major damage, but dramatically increases cooldown.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Passive Skills

Tyrone - 3.jpg. size:90x90
Tyrone's firefighting expertise gives him an advantage in a myriad of situations.
Tyrone - 4.jpg. size:90x90
Tyrone's rigorous physical training increases his chances of survival.

Firefighter Skill Variants

Defensive Icon.pngTurnout Gear Greatly decreases damage received from traps.
AOE Icon.pngFirst Responder Makes it easier to help teammates when they are trapped or defeated.
Combat Icon.pngWeapon Handling Reduces melee weapon durability depletion. Attacking creatures on the ground guarantees a critical hit.

Determination Skill Variants

Recovery Icon.pngResilience Automatically restores health when on low HP.
Special Icon.pngSecond Wind Able to save yourself when defeated, but only 1 time. Gain Yellow Herb effects and drastically lowers Fever Skill cooldown after recovery.
Defensive Icon.pngElusive Cannot be grabbed by most creatures when running.

Tyrone Strategy Guide

How to play - tyrone.jpg

Tyrone has the most health out of all of the survivors. Make sure that you are the frontliner of the team and use your Rally to boost the morale of your teammates when clearing up rooms and opening new areas.

Use your Power Kick on stronger enemies like Lickers and enraged zombies to deal with them much quicker. Focus on picking up Yellow Herbs and Repair Kits since you will be mostly using melee weapons to give more ammo to the other survivors.

Tips When Using Tyrone

Always be in the vanguard

When using Tyrone you should always make sure that you are at the front of the team. You can use your Power Kick to stun zombies and Bioweapons. You also have the highest door-ramming power to open locked doors and make a path for your team to move forward.

Never lose sight of your team

Even if Tyrone's job is to be in the vanguard, you should never lose sight of your team since your job is to soak up the damage to make sure your team survives. If you left your team to play solo, then they will easily die on their own without you supporting them with your buff.

Recommended Skill Variants

The recommended skill variants you should equip should rotate around Tyrone being the frontline tank that is always standing to help your teammates.

Below are the skill variants you should equip to maximize Tyrone's potential:

Defensive Icon.pngFever Skill: Safeguard Greatly decreases damage dealt to teammates.
Instant Icon.pngPersonal Skill: Pumped Up Shortens the cooldown of the skill. Reduces cooldown to 9 seconds.
AOE Icon.pngPassive Skill 1: First Responder Makes it easier to help teammates when they are trapped or defeated.
Special Icon.pngPassive Skill 2: Second Wind Able to save yourself when defeated, but only 1 time. Gain Yellow Herb effects and drastically lowers Fever Skill cooldown after recovery.

Recommended Equipment

The recommended equipment you should have revolves around having a balance of being the frontline tank and supporting your teammates.

Below is the equipment you should have to make Tyrone the most effective tank:

Bulletproof Vest I-III Increases maximum HP depending on which level is equipped.
Gas Mask I-III Increases your resistance to infection depending on which level is equipped.
EMT License I-III Decreases how much time it takes to revive defeated teammates depending on which level is equipped.
Army Boots Slightly increases movement speed.

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