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This is a list of all guides and walkthroughs for Resistance Mode in the Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3). Read on to learn everything you will need to play Resident Evil Resistance.


Characters - Resident Evil Resistance

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Survivor - Samuel.pngSamuel Jordan Survivor - January.pngJanuary Van Sant Survivor - Valerie.pngValerie Harmon
Survivor - Tyrone.pngTyrone Henry Survivor - Becca.pngBecca Woolett Survivor - Sandwich.pngMartin Sandwich
Jill Portrait.pngJill Valentine - -


Mastermind - Daniel.pngDaniel Fabron Mastermind - Annette.pngAnnette Birkin Mastermind - Alex.pngAlex Wesker
Mastermind - Spencer.pngOzwell E. Spencer - -

List of Characters

Beginner Guides - Resident Evil Resistance

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What is Resistance Mode? Game Controls on Resistance
How to Play Resistance Mode Resistance Gameflow
How to Play Resistance with Friends How to Deal with Matchmaking Issues
Review How to Unlock Jill Valentine
Recommended Options Setting Best Survivor Team
What is Supply Zombie What Should You Buy in the Shop
How to Rank Up Fast List of Trailers

Resistance Beginner Guides

Skill Cards - Resident Evil Resistance

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List of Skill cards
Bioweapon Creature Trap
Firearm Effect Mod

Skill Card List

Maps - Resident Evil Resistance

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Resistance Maps
Downtown Casino
Research Facility Abandoned Park
Map Objectives and Interactions
Survivor Map Objectives Mastermind Map Interactions

List of Resistance Map

Weapons - Resident Evil Resistance

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MUP Quickdraw Army
Matilda MQ 11
LE 5 W-870
Lightning Hawk -
Melee Weapons
2x4 Torch
Steel Bat Sledgehammer
Special Weapons
GM 79 Chemical Flamethrower
Spark Shot ATM-4
Minigun -
Flash Grenade Molotov Cocktail
Hand Grenade -

List of Resistance Weapons

Items - Resident Evil Resistance

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List of Resistance Items
Ammo x10 Ammo x50
Repair Kit Green Herb
Blue Herb Yellow Herb
First Aid Spray Infection Treatment Spray
Enhancing Spray -

List of Resistance Items

What Kind of Game is Resident Evil Resistance?

An Asymmetrical-Multiplayer Survival Horror Game

RE Resistance.jpg

Resident Evil Resistance is a new online mode that takes place in Raccoon City in the world of the Resident Evil, and is marketed as an “asymmetrical-multiplayer survival horror game”. Capcom describes it as a mode where you can “unleash your inner evil as a cunning Mastermind or join the fight as one of the resourceful Survivors desperately trying to escape every obstacle the Mastermind puts in their way!”

★ What is Asymmetrical-Multiplayer?

An asymmetrical-multiplayer game is a genre where one player goes up against several others in a single match. In Resistance mode, there is one Mastermind, and four Survivors.

Included With RE3!

Resident Evil 3.jpg
This game is included within the Resident Evil 3 package. However, they are entirely separate games, so it doesn't matter which game you decide to start with.

Resident Evil Resistance Review

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