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This page contains information on Daniel Fabron in the game Resident Evil Resistance. Read on to learn information about Daniel and his background.

Daniel Fabron

Mastermind - Daniel.png
Name Daniel Fabron
Bioweapon Tyrant
Class Mastermind

Daniel Fabron is a personal employed fixer by Ozwell E. Spencer to support Alex Wesker in her research. He helps Alex by preparing testing facilities and acquiring test subjects. Daniel excells in taking direct control of zombies and use high attack power creatures to attack the Survivors.

Daniel's Skills

Ultimate Skill

Ultimate Skill
Bioweapon Icon.png Bioweapon: Tyrant
Take control of the Tyrant bioweapon and hunt down Survivors.

Skill Variants

Combat Icon.pngBrutality Increases Hook Punch speed and damage.
Special Icon.pngWindup Increases Bull Rush damage the further away the target is.
Defensive Icon.pngIntercept Automatically intercepts Survivors near the Tyrant, throwing them to the ground.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills
Bloodlust.png Bloodlust
Daniel excels at attacking with controllable creatures.
Puppeteer.png Puppeteer
Daniel uses his expert skills to further enhacne controlled creatures.

Bloodlust Skill Variants

Recovery Icon.pngVampire Controllable creatures will restore a set percentage of health with each successful attack.
Combat Icon.pngRend Greatly increases Grab attack damage dealt by controllable creatures.
Special Icon.pngFrenzy Greatly increases the movement speed of controllable creatures.

Puppeteer Skill Variants

Combat Icon.pngSadist Increases damage dealt by controlled creatures.
Special Icon.pngEndurance Makes controlled creatures impossible to knock back.
Defensive Icon.pngInvincible Makes controlled zombies temporarily invincible.

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