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This is a guide on where to find every Mr. Charlie Doll (Bobblehead) in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). Read on to learn the locations of each Mr. Charlie Doll and how to make them appear.

Mr. Charlie Doll Locations (Bobbleheads)

Dolls in the Opening

Location Map
Bobbleheads1Enlarge Bobbleheads map 1Enlarge
★Location: Redstone Street Station
Chart: Opening

Dolls in Downtown

Location Map
Bobbleheads2Enlarge Bobbleheads map 2Enlarge
★Location: Donut Shop
Walkthrough & Guide: Downtown ~ Substation
Location Map
Bobbleheads3Enlarge Bobbleheads map 3Enlarge
★Location: Downtown 2nd Floor
Walkthrough & GuideDowntown ~ Substation
Location Map
Bobbleheads4Enlarge Bobbleheads map 4Enlarge
★Location: Subway Office
Walkthrough & Guide: Downtown ~ Substation
Location Map
Doll 6-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 6-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: ToyUncle Store
Walkthrough & Guide: Downtown ~ Substation
Location Map
Doll 9-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 9-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: House near Gun Shop Kendo
Walkthrough & Guide: Sewer ~ Subway

Dolls in Substation

Location Map
Bobbleheads5Enlarge Bobbleheads map 5Enlarge
★Location: Subway Power Substation
ChartDowntown ~ Substation

Dolls in Sewers

Location Map
Doll 7-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 7-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Lower Waterway
ChartSewer ~ Subway
Location Map
Doll 8-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 8-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Upper Waterway
ChartSewer ~ Subway

Dolls in R.P.D.

Location Map
Doll 10-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 10-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Courtyard
ChartPolice Station ~ Clock Tower
Location Map
Doll 11-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 11-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Safety Deposit Room
ChartPolice Station ~ Clock Tower

Dolls in Subway Tunnel

Location Map
Doll 12-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 12-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Near the exit of Subway Tunnel
ChartPolice Station ~ Clock Tower

Dolls in Clock Tower

Location Map
Doll 13-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 13-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Clock Tower Plaza
ChartPolice Station ~ Clock Tower

Dolls in Hospital

Location Map
Doll 14-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 14-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Hospital Hallway 1F
Location Map
Doll 15-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 15-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Hospital Roof
Location Map
Doll 16-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 16-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Sick Room
Location Map
Doll 17-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 17-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Underground Storage Entrance
ChartUnderground Storage ~ Nest 2

Dolls in Underground Office

Location Map
Doll 18-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 18-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: After crossing the tight space in Underground Storage
ChartUnderground Storage ~ Nest 2

Dolls in Nest 2

Location Map
Doll 19-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 19-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Nest 2, 2F near the Machine where get the Flash Drive
ChartUnderground Storage ~ Nest 2
Location Map
Doll 20-1.jpgEnlarge Doll 20-2.jpgEnlarge
★Location: Nest 2, 2F near the Culture Sample
ChartUnderground Storage ~ Nest 2

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Mr. Charlie Doll Locations in the Demo

Location of Dolls in the Demo

Redstone Station

Doll 1-1.jpg
Doll 1-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No.1
You can find this Doll on the opposite side of the track behind the train at the beginning of the game.


Doll 2-1.jpg
Doll 2-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 2
As you go up the escalator inside the Subway Station, you can find another Doll on top of the table.
Doll 3-1.jpg
Doll 3-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 3
You can find another Doll behind the ambulance near the Subway Station entrance.
Doll 4-1.jpg
Doll 4-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 4
This Doll is sitting on top of the burning car over the barricade.
Doll 5-1.jpg
Doll 5-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 5
You can find this Doll infront of the Donut Shop below the scaffoldings.
Doll 6-1.jpg
Doll 6-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 6
This Doll is sitting at the top of the power generator on the rooftop.
Doll 7-1.jpg
Doll 7-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 7
This Doll will only spawn if you combine two High Grade Powder to create MAG Ammo and then talk to Mikhail. This will spawn near the "Cleaning in Progress" sign on the rooftop.
Doll 8-1.jpg
Doll 8-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 8
This Doll can be found sitting on the train tracks near the pharmacy.
Doll 10-1.jpg
Doll 10-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 9
This Doll is hidden between the two vents near the soldier's dead body with the grenade.
Doll 11-1.jpg
Doll 11-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 10
This Doll is one of the most difficult to find. You must execute 20 perfect dodges in order for the car door open where you will find the bobblehead.
Doll 12-1.jpg
Doll 12-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 11
You can find another Doll inside the Donut Shop over the counter beside the microwave.
Doll 13-1.jpg
Doll 13-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 12
On the second floor in Downtown, you can find another Doll in the same room where you can find the safe.
Doll 14-1.jpg
Doll 14-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 13
You can open the supermarket using the Bolt Cutters from the Donut Shop. Here you will find a Doll on top of the counter.
Doll 15-1.jpg
Doll 15-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 14
You must first stare at the Bobble Head poster inside the ToyUncle Store for at least 10 seconds. Then on the opposite side of the street, you can find the Doll sitting on top of the Donut Shop.
Doll 16 -1.jpg
Doll 16-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 15
You can only get this Doll if you manage to stagger Nemesis and make him do the hands raising animation before going down. This will automatically open up the police car door near the ToyUncle Store.
Doll 17-1.jpg
Doll 17-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 16
Inside the Pharmacy, you can find another Doll sitting on top of the cabinet.
Doll 18-1.jpg
Doll 18-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 17
This Doll can be seen by turning left while searching for Doll No. 8. It is found on top of the Donut Shop on the opposite side of the Pharmacy.
Doll 19-1.jpg
Doll 19-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 18
Another diffcult Doll to spawn can be found inside the Pharmacy. This Doll will only spawn if you manage to put the fire out and kill the zombie behind the cop car near Doll No. 16.
Doll 20-1.jpg
Doll 20-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 19
You will only be able to get this after putting out the fire. It can be located on top of the vents around the corner near the fire hydrant. Try to move slowly, because walking in too deep will cause the demo to end.

Subway Office

Doll 9-1.jpg
Doll 9-2.jpgEnlarge Doll No. 20
You can find this Doll inside the Subway Office sitting inside the cabinet, close to where you will find the Shotgun.

Demo Walkthrough

What Are Mr. Charlie Dolls?

Mr. Charlie Doll.jpeg

Break Them to Get Rewards

You will find Mr. Charlie Dolls scattered throughout the game as you make your way through Raccoon City, and breaking them will provide you with a variety of rewards.

Can Be Broken With the Knife

The dolls can be destroyed by using your knife as well. When possible, save ammo by getting up close and personal and breaking them with your knife.

Similar to Resident Evil 2's Mr. Raccoon

Mr. Raccoon.jpeg
Players of last year's Resident Evil 2 Remake may be familiar with Mr. Racoon. As Mr. Charlie Dolls serve the same purpose, get out there and destroy them all!

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