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This page contains information on the differences between the original and Remake versions of Resident Evil 3. Keep reading to find out how this new release refreshes the original!

Differences Between the Original and Remake

Over the Shoulder Camera

Over the Shoulder.jpg

In the remake, instead of the fixed camera and tank controls of the original, the camera is now over the shoulder like most modern third person shooters.



Similar to the Resident Evil 2 Remake, there are now a variety of collectibles scattered across Raccoon City for you to find and collect (or destroy) as you progress through the story.

Dodge Mechanic


The dodge mechanic has been redesigned for the remake to make the game feel more action oriented and to give players a better defensive tool to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

Nemesis Encounters

Nemisis Encounter.jpg

In the original, encounters with Nemesis forced you to choose your next action in a quick time event to determine the flow of the story. However, in the remake, this feature has been removed in favor of a linear story with a singular ending regardless of your decisions.

From Mercenaries to Resistance


The popular game mode Mercenaries did not make the cut and was removed in the remake. However, a new online game mode called Resistance was added in its place.

Character Redesigns

Difference Between the Original and Remake.jpg

Many of the characters had their designs changed in one way or another, like Jill's outfit no longer looks like she's about to go dancing and Carlos is less of a pretty boy.


Inventory Reload.jpg

To reload your weapons in the original game you had to do it from the inventory screen. However, due to the changes made to the gameplay in the remake, reloading is done in the same way as any other third-person shooting game.

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