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This page contains information about the tips for getting headshots in the game Resident Evil 3 Remake. Read on to learn what a headshot is and tips for making headshots easier.

What is a Headshot

A headshot is a technique where you shoot the enemy's head with whatever gun you have equipped. Doing headshots deal the most damage to enemies and have a higher chance to cause critical hits.

Headshot Tips

Keep Your Distance

If you are trying to aim for a headshot, you should keep your distance from your enemy so have time to aim on their head and attempt headshots before they can attack you.

Focus the Reticle

When aiming for the enemy, you can stand still and wait for your reticle to become smaller before shooting them. You can do this to gain more accuracy in your shots and hit their heads easier.

Attempt a Perfect Dodge

If you successfully attempt a perfect dodge, the game will automatically aim for the enemy's weak point when you aim after the perfect dodge. Most of the time the game will automatically aim for the enemy's head allowing you to hit headshots.

How to do a Perfect Dodge

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