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    58 Anonymous1 dayReport

    >>57 I hate that. I'm already rank 32 for Jill and wtf, they gave me 2 teammates that are only rank 10. We lose against a level 40 Annette.

    57 Anonymous2 daysReport

    >>56 The level gap is also big so sometimes you will get to play with noobs. Making it easier for you to lose lol.

    56 Anonymous3 daysReport

    >>55 Continuation: idk if satisfiable is a word lol.

    55 Anonymous3 daysReport

    >>54 That's true so it really is satisfiable to win against a mastermind.

    54 Anonymous4 daysReport

    >>53 If you think about it logically, it's because they are the masterminds. It's normal that they have the upper hand lol.

    53 Anonymous5 daysReport

    >>52 Oh. So you noticed it too. This just proves how bad the game is. It clearly favors the masterminds.

    52 Anonymous8 daysReport

    >>51 That's not all actually. It seems like survivors are kinda weak. I think they should buff some equipment or reduce the damage from monsters. Not so sure though.

    51 Anonymous9 daysReport

    >>50 That's the main reason why survivors have a lower winrate compared to the mastermind. just simple coordination but most people can't do it.

    50 Anonymous10 daysReport

    >>49 I tried that but I can't. Teamwork is recommended to finish and win the match.

    49 Anonymous11 daysReport

    >>48 Not all players want to coordinate with each other. Sometimes you'll have no choice but to solo carry the team.

    48 Anonymous16 daysReport

    >>47 this is a team play and you are playing solo? are you dumb or something?

    47 Anonymous16 daysReport

    >>46 Tyrone, Samuel, and Jill are good to use when you are solo playing.

    46 Anonymous17 daysReport

    >>45 yep. that's true. That's why people won't play him cuz most of them don't wanna cooperate.

    45 Anonymous18 daysReport

    >>34 That's right but what if the teammates of martin doesn't want to cooperate with him? then he's useless?

    44 Anonymous19 daysReport

    >>43 kek. hell no. I'll do what I want since I only lived that long.

    43 Anonymous22 daysReport

    >>42 You only live for about 70-100 years you know. do some good deeds so that people will do it also.

    42 Anonymous24 daysReport

    >>41 probably yeah. hahaha. they don't know who you are and you don't know them also. It doesn't bother them at all lol

    41 Anonymous25 daysReport

    >>39 hahaha. if you say that here they will piss you more. I already saw 1 here hahahaha

    40 Anonymous25 daysReport

    >>39 And you're so smart! huhu internet people really think of themselves they're a smart people hiding behind a keyboard

    39 Anonymous25 daysReport

    >>38 I'll do just that. It's hard to cool off when someone stupid talks to me.

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    • Jill Valentine's really suited to handle/killing these zombies, she's such a badass character. She really IS THAT CHARACTER IM YELLING

    • I have A Question they should have a New Game plus so that if you have an infinite ammo it should carry to New Game plus other games have New Game Plus i suggest Resident Evil 3 Remake should have it.

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