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This is a 100% walkthrough for Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). Read on to find about the shop that unlocks when you clear the game, harder difficulties, and more!

100% Walkthrough

checkmark.pngUnlocking the Clear Shop

checkmark.pngTaking on the Nightmare and Inferno Modes

Unlocking the Clear Shop

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Once you clear the story mode for the first time, you will unlock a special shop where you can buy thing like weapons with infininte ammo and other useful items. The items up for sale can aid you in clearing subsequent playthroughs quicker or make the harder difficulties more manageable. Check the link below for what you can buy in the clear shop!

Taking on Nightmare and Inferno Modes

Clearing the Hardcore difficulty mode will unlock the even harder Nightmare difficulty. If you can manage to clear even Nightmare, the final, hardest difficulty will unlock: Inferno mode. Make use of the clear shop if necessary before tackling these challenges!

Which Difficulty Should You Choose?

Other Things to Do

checkmark.pngRestricted Playthroughs

checkmark.pngBreaking Every Mr. Charlie Doll

checkmark.pngComplete the Records List

checkmark.pngGetting Every Trophy

checkmark.pngRead Every File

Restricted Playthroughs

There are a variety of different challenges players can impose on themselves like Knife Only playthroughs, No Damage or Saving playthroughs, etc. If you truly want to be a master of Resident Evil 3, consider making your own challenges!

Breaking Every Mr. Charlie Doll

Mr. Charlie Doll.jpeg

Over the course of the game you will find 20 Mr. Charlie dolls scattered throughout each area. Breaking every doll will complete a record in-game as well as earn you a trophy! Check the link below for help on finding each Mr. Charlie doll.

Location of All Mr. Charlie Dolls

Complete the Records List

Finishing Records.jpg

Throughout the game the Records List will log all sorts of things you do, like killing 100 enemies with a shotgun or subduing Nemesis. Completing these challenges will reward you with costumes, figures and points for the Clear Shop.

All Records Guide

Getting Every Trophy

The easiest way to judge your progress towards 100% completion is the various trophies you can earn in the game. There are plenty of hidden and challenging trophies that will surely take time to obtain.
All Trophies Guide

Read Every File

In each area of Resident Evil 3 Remake you will find various files lying around. There are 58 in total, as well as a record and trophy involved for reading them all. Check the link below for a list of their locations!
Locations of All Files

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