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This is a walkthrough of Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo. Read on to learn information on the objectives and obtainable items available in the demo.

Location of All Dolls (Bobbleheads)

Demo Walkthrough and Objectives

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Video Walkthrough


  • Get above ground.
  • Reactivate power at the substation.
  • Put out the fire


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1 Exit the tain and pick up the Handgun Ammo and U.B.C.S Ammo Crafting Guide. After you picked up the item, head up the stairs until carlos calls you over the radio.
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2 Continue heading up the stairs until you reach the subway station. Be sure to pick up herbs and gun powder in the first area before proceeding to the table. You can find a red herb inside the wooden box. You can use your knife to destroy the wooden box to conserve your ammo. Inside the next room, you can pick up the U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual on top of the table before heading out of the subway station.
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3 Here you will encounter the first zombie in the game. You can easily pass through by circling around the hand rails and quickly running through the alley on to your left. You can pick up Handgun Ammo on top of the barrel. As soon as you see the another zombie blocking the gate, try to shoot the zombie in the head to stagger him and easily pass through. There is another zombie hiding on your left, try to move as quickly as possible to avoid damage.
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4 Proceed north until you trigger a cutscene where you will have to look for a way to extinguish the fire.
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5 After the cut scene you must head back south again to trigger another cut scene. As soon as the cutscene finishes, step back and aim for the barrel on to your right. Wait for the zombies to get closer to ensure their deaths. Be sure to pick up the Gun Powder beside the barrel that you shot earlier.
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6 Proceed east and go down the stairs. Here you will see a female zombie approaching you, try to shoot her head to stagger her and then shoot the electricity box to shock nearby zombies. If done properly, you can shock all three zombies in the surrounding area. Continue heading east until you get inside the donut shop.
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7 As soon as you enter the Donut Shop, make a sharp left and enter the small room. Here you can pick up a Green Herb and the Bolt Cutter. Exit the room and pick up the Handgun Ammo and Gun Powder.
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8 Exit the east door and you will find 4 zombies as soon as you get out. Use the explosive barrel to your advantage and try to lure them in to eliminate them. Once you clear the area you can pick up another Gun Powder inside the wooden box near the police car on the left side of the Donut Shop and Handgun Ammo on the right.
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9 Once you picked up all the item, continue heading north until you reach the Pharmacy, here you will encounter 2 zombies that you will have to kill without environmental hazards. After killing the zombies, you can pick up a High-Grade Powder, Red Herb and Handgun Ammo inside the Pharmacy.
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10 Head back south until you see the Subway Office entrance. You will encounter another zombie in this location. Use your handgun to quickly dispose of this single zombie. Behind the zombie you can find small hallway leading to the Fire Hose and to another room. Pick up the Fire Hose then head inside small room. here you will find a Gun Rack containing the shotgun, use your bolt cutters to grab the Shotgun. You can also open the lockers to obtain Grenade and Gun Powder.
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11 You can now easily backtrack to the Donut Shop without having to deal with the zombies you killed earlier. Once you are inside the Donut Shop, head to the west exit where you will trigger another cut scene.
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12 As soon as the cut scene ends, throw your grenade at nemesis and this will instantly stun him giving you time to run back up the stairs and head to the cage door. Approach the Fire Hydrant and use the Fire Hose to extinguish the flames. Proceed to the alley to trigger another cut scene.

Location of All Dolls (Bobbleheads)

Tips & Strategies

Managing Your Inventory

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You will have to pick up multiple Key items and Ammo as you explore areas. Make sure you combine items as you go. Managing your items properly is an important factor to progress the story.

Environmental Hazards

Demo Tips - Hazard.jpg

Make sure you use all the environmental hazards you encounter in the game. This will help you deal with zombies much efficiently and can greatly conserve you ammo.

Knife on Wooden Boxes

Demo Tips - Knife.jpg

Be sure to use your knife when opening wooden boxes or crates to conserve your bullets during explorations.

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