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143 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>142 They have noticed the problem about the ps4 servers and are currently working on it. They were quick to notice it too.

142 Anonymous1 dayReport

Anyone have updates on the server status of resistance right now?

141 Anonymous1 dayReport

@ Nemesis, is that a flame thrower or a rocket launcher? lmao

140 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>136 You will automatically receive it when the game is released.

139 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>136 yes, jill and carlos classic costume

137 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>136 maybe youll get it as soon as the game releases. you wont be able to check if you have it if you cant download the game

136 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>135 what?! theres a pre-order bonus? i already preordered the game but i didnt get anything.

135 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>134 dont forget the pre-order bonus, you get a free jill and carlos classic skin

134 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>133 resistance comes free if you purchase re3 remake

133 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>132 when will the game be released anyway? do i have to own re3 remake before i can play resistance?

132 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>131 yes but only for a little while, the open beta is free but you have to purchase it when it gets realeased

131 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>130 is it already available? resistance time!!

130 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>121 is crossplay confirmed? im still downloading mine on the ps4

129 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>128 yes, but they will crawl towards you if you manage to break their legs

128 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>127 can you shoot the legs of the zombies? what happens? do they trip

127 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>123 try shooting the leg to slow the zombies down. much more efficient and saves bullets

126 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>124 mastermind first, gives you a different experience from the regular survival horror re has to offer

125 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>124 you should definitely play as alex wesker. if you plant her bioweapon in the right place. you can literally trap all the survivors in one room

124 Anonymous1 dayReport

when the resistance beta start which mastermind should i play as first?

123 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>122 Perfect dodge, quick aim, nemesis looks more handsome (lol), zombies are hard to kill even with headshots, they changed the camera.

122 Anonymous2 daysReport

Dolls, Resistance, and Safe houses being invadable ( false I think) so what else is new to the game?

121 Anonymous2 daysReport

Corssplay is definitely good but having crossplay also increases the chance of having those damn hackers on pc. So it xan be a good thing AND a bad thing.

120 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>113 all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

119 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>114 yes of course. i will play with my friends on pc. playing in pc is much better

118 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>103 there isnt a free theme as far as i know

117 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>110 how do they aim?! its so hard to aim using a controller. its better to buy it on pc

116 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>114 depends on how fun it is. i guess we will not tomorrow once the beta is available

115 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>114 probably. but ill buy it on pc. i think more people will play it on pc.

114 Anonymous3 daysReport

if resistance isnt crossplay would you still buy it?

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    • >>[561]
      I agree, I hope they can fix this soon. I really want to play this game so bad.

    • >>[142]
      They have noticed the problem about the ps4 servers and are currently working on it. They were quick to notice it too.

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