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64 Anonymous1 dayReport

I'm a bit sad that the gore part of this remake is kind of toned down compared to the RE2. I just hoped they still included that gore part where when the zombie is dead you can kill it again and again because what's the point

63 Anonymous1 dayReport

Can't wait for the release of this remake! Just curious though, is this going to be released on Steam too? I want to play it on PC too

62 Anonymous1 dayReport

I really applaud these artists who remodeled EVERYTHING. The graphics is sooo good that makes you want to play it more! It makes the gaming experience much better!!

61 Anonymous1 dayReport

Was waiting for the official game to be released instead of playing the demo but then!! community quarantined happened and I'm bored so I said why not play the demo AND I. DID. NOT. REGRET. IT. It makes me want April 3 to come faster!!

60 Anonymous1 dayReport

A spoiler for yall. Those yellow locks that you see? You need a lock pick to open them lol thank me later

59 Anonymous1 dayReport

Some people are saying that why are the RE2 Remake zombies are like that but I've searched and saw that the developer's made it clear that they are t virus zombies. Also said that capcom weakened these zombies is because of the increase of their numbers being on screen all at once lol

58 Anonymous1 dayReport

When RE3 Remake is released, I won't even hesitate to say "TAKE ALL MY MONEY". I'm willing to spend bucks on this game with graphics this good!

57 Anonymous1 dayReport

How will I play RE3 remake without scaring the hell out myself whenever Nemesis started running towards me lmao

56 Anonymous1 dayReport

I'm having a hard time fighting Nemesis lol I always get killed.

55 Anonymous1 dayReport

I hope that there is a way where we can go around Nemesis without dying? I mean like those one hit you're dead

54 Anonymous1 dayReport

Does anybody noticed that Nemesis is like a spin off of Mr. X? With those scenes with the flame thrower? I miss the old Nemesis lol

53 Anonymous1 dayReport

Is it just me or anybody noticed that the ending theme in the diner is similar to the original RE2 B Scenario? Anyone?? Or I'm just hearing things lol

52 Anonymous1 dayReport

Is Grave Digger still in this remake or no? I'm curious

51 Anonymous1 dayReport

Is it me or Carlos is like a remake of Keanu Reeves lol the voice

50 Anonymous1 dayReport

Getting mad at Umbrella all over again haha

49 Anonymous1 dayReport

Jill swearing still surprises me lmao

48 Anonymous1 dayReport

Nemesis' attack is so unpredictable O_O and creepy

47 Anonymous1 dayReport

Avoiding the RE:3 Remake demo but got quarantined so yeah, no choice lol!

46 Anonymous1 dayReport

My wallet is begging me to stop spending but this is an exceprtion!

45 Anonymous1 dayReport

Jill and Carlos? but I want her with Chris! lol

44 Anonymous1 dayReport

This whole game is a fcking whole buffet!

43 Anonymous1 dayReport

How true is that there's a mode where you can play as Nemesis? hmmmm been reading some on the net, it says it's unlockable.

42 Anonymous1 dayReport

I wonder of all the bosses, who's the best tho lol

41 Anonymous1 dayReport

Kendo? it's kendo right? on the trailer?

40 Anonymous1 dayReport

Carlos looks more manly here lol

39 Anonymous1 dayReport

Loving it! Can't wait to play this with my kids (gotta start em young!)

38 Anonymous1 dayReport

Nemesis at Jill be like "let's get this meat!"

37 Anonymous1 dayReport

Aight! I'm here for the hype now! so who's gonna throw the game at me ye

36 Anonymous1 dayReport

Capcom's remake games are so promising!!! can't wait for the other REs

35 Anonymous1 dayReport

I'm drooling I need first to update my desktop's specs! I'm so excited!!!

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    • >>[561]
      I agree, I hope they can fix this soon. I really want to play this game so bad.

    • >>[142]
      They have noticed the problem about the ps4 servers and are currently working on it. They were quick to notice it too.

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