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562 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>561 I agree, I hope they can fix this soon. I really want to play this game so bad.

561 Anonymous1 dayReport

The servers are still having problems. I really hope they can fix this soon.

560 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>559 Yeah right now, they are having problems with the servers. But they are already trying to fix it

559 Anonymous1 dayReport

Anyone aware that the resistance servers are having problems right now?

558 Anonymous1 dayReport

Veterans for sure will remember the gas station! haha everything is so nostalgic! I'm having goosebumps!!!

557 Anonymous1 dayReport

Well, Nemesis' teeth got a little bit...longer...lol

556 Anonymous1 dayReport

I must say! the maps on this remake are more impressive!

555 Anonymous1 dayReport

Can they put tons of red barrels on the full version lol I need those!

554 Anonymous1 dayReport

woah nemesis my dude, be easy!

553 Anonymous1 dayReport

I don't mind the glitch on this demo bec it's just a demo lol

552 Anonymous1 dayReport

With the remodeled Nemesis, he looks more terryfing and menacing! How will I sleep at night if I played this during midnight lol

551 Anonymous1 dayReport

I do prefer Jill's new outfit on this remake! it gives more action vibe!!

550 Anonymous1 dayReport

This looks difficult -_____- I mean!!! well, it's a survival game? what do I expect! haha

549 Anonymous1 dayReport

Did Nemesis jumped THAT high across Jill? lmao he's deadass scary this remake!!!!!!

548 Anonymous1 dayReport

it's my first time playing this, is jill the only character playable?

547 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>545 Mr. X? you meant Nemesis right? I guess your eyes did played with you lmao

546 Anonymous1 dayReport

Probably gonna stash up water, snacks and tissues when this game is released. With how the graphics are insane and much better and don't forget how Nemesis is already scary here, probably need a diaper too

545 Anonymous1 dayReport

Is it me or Mr X moves slower than in the series? Or is my eyes just playing with me?

544 Anonymous1 dayReport

The characters need to run faster :---) This ain't an easy feat for new players who are struggling with characters running lol

543 Anonymous1 dayReport

For me, RE3 remake is much better than RE2 remake. Can't wait for it to be released. RE2 remake OUTSOLD!

542 Anonymous1 dayReport

Is it possible for this game remake to have new enemies like from RE2? That would be dope if there is

541 Anonymous1 dayReport

The game hasn't been released yet but while playing the demo, I can't stand up from my chair lol what more if the game has already been released, I might stay in my seat for the whole day

540 Anonymous1 dayReport

Looking at Nemesis this remake makes me think how they should've kept the old look of Nemesis for it to be nostalgic. Or they can have skins where players can choose from. If they want the old Nemesis or the remake nemesis.

539 Anonymous1 dayReport

Nemesis looks tough! He's the type of antagonist that plays you.

538 Anonymous1 dayReport

It's on sale today damn! gonna pre-order now!

537 Anonymous1 dayReport

The more I wait the more it feels like a year of waiting haha

536 Anonymous1 dayReport

The gamma hunters!! haha so excited to defeat those creatures!!

535 Anonymous1 dayReport

How I wish I can just kill Nemesis with a grenade launcher

534 Anonymous1 dayReport

This game is on my list!!!! I need it now!

533 Anonymous1 dayReport

Just finished RE:2 and next is this!!! I am so excited

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    • >>[561]
      I agree, I hope they can fix this soon. I really want to play this game so bad.

    • >>[142]
      They have noticed the problem about the ps4 servers and are currently working on it. They were quick to notice it too.

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