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This page contains information about the recommended settings for Resident Evil Resistance. Read on to learn which camera, controller, and display settings are best for playing!

Recommended Camera Settings

Field of View

Field of ViewEnlarge

It is recommended that you set your Field of View to the maximum so you have the widest view of your surroundings.

Normal Camera Speed

Camera Speed NormalEnlarge

Your Normal Camera Speed should be as high as you can handle so you can easily navigate around the map and spot the objectives faster.

Aiming Camera Speed

Camera Speed AimingEnlarge

The Aiming Camera Speed is entirely dependent on the player's preferences, so choose whatever you are most comfortable with.

Camera Wobble

Camera WobbleEnlarge

It is recommended to turn Camera Wobble off so you will not have trouble aiming or focusing on things while there is a lot happening in the area.

Recommended Controller Settings

Reticle Deceleration

Reticle DecelerationEnlarge

Reticle Deceleration is entirely dependent on the player. Reticle Deceleration helps players aim easier when the reticle is already above the enemy. Sometimes this can suddenly speed up and disrupt the player's aim when the reticle exits the enemy's target area.

Auto Reload

It is recommended to keep Auto Reload on so your clip is always full when you need to shoot.

Recommended Display Settings

Max Brightness

Max BrightnessEnlarge

It is recommended to set the Max Brightness according to the instructions of the game to make the pattern barely visible so you will not get blinded by bright lights.

Minimum Brightness

Min BrightnessEnlarge

It is recommended to keep the Mimnimum Brightness high and make sure that the pattern is visible to you, so you can easily see objects in darker areas.

Overall Brightness

Overall BrightnessEnlarge

It is recommended to keep the Overall Brightness high, just like the Minimum Brightness, to make sure you can easily see objects in darker areas.

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6 Anonymous3 months

Unless you are trying to speed run a game, turning the brightness up really ruins the immersive experience. Definitely not how the developers intended the game to be played

5 Anonymous10 months

>>4 yeah and so is getting scared of the dark nothing can really cure that! if you have a poor eyesight you can just wear some corrective glasses but if you get scared of the dark that is really different man

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