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Breath of the Wild Spears

This is a list of all spear weapons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

List of Spears

All BotW Spears

No. Weapon Attack Power Location
290 Wooden Mop 5 ・East Necluda
・Hyrule Field
291 Farmer's Pitchfork 7 ・East Necluda
・West Necluda
292 Fishing Harpoon 8 ・East Necluda
・Lake Hylia
293 Throwing Spear 6 ・West Necluda
・Hyrule Field
294 Traveler's Spear 3 ・Hyrule Field
・West Necluda
295 Soldier's Spear 7 ・Hyrule Field
・Faron Grasslands
296 Knight's Halberd 13 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Gerudo Desert
297 Royal Halberd 26 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Tabantha Frontier
298 Forest Dweller's Spear 11 ・Great Hyrule Forest
・Hyrule Ridge
299 Zora Spear 9 ・Lanayru Great Spring
・Lake Hylia
300 Silverscale Spear 12 ・Akkala Highlands
・Lanayru Great Spring
301 Ceremonial Trident 14 Lanayru Great Spring
302 Lightscale Trident 22 Lanayru Great Spring
303 Drillshaft 14 ・Eldin Canyon
・Hebra Mountains
304 Feathered Spear 10 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Hyrule Field
305 Gerudo Spear 16 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Gerudo Desert
306 Serpentine Spear 12 ・East Necluda
・Hyrule Field
307 Ancient Spear 30 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
308 Rusty Halberd 5 ・Hyrule Field
・Great Hyrule Forest
309 Royal Guard's Spear 32 Unknown
310 Flamespear 24 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains
311 Frostspear 20 ・Hebra Mountains
・Hyrule Field
312 Thunderspear 22 ・Hyrule Ridge
・Hyrule Field
313 Boko Spear 2 ・West Necluda
・Hyrule Field
314 Spiked Boko Spear 6 ・Faron Grasslands
・East Necluda
315 Dragonbone Boko Spear 12 ・Necluda Sea
・Hyrule Ridge
316 Moblin Spear 4 ・Faron Grasslands
・Gerudo Highlands
317 Spiked Moblin Spear 9 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Akkala Highlands
318 Dragonbone Moblin Spear 15 ・Hebra Mountains
・Eldin Mountains
319 Lizal Spear 7 ・Lanayru Wetlands
・East Necluda
320 Enhanced Lizal Spear 12 ・Tabantha Frontier
・Gerudo Desert
321 Forked Lizal Spear 18 ・Eldin Canyon
・Akkala Highlands
322 Guardian Spear 10 ・Hyrule Field
・Hebra Mountains
323 Guardian Spear+ 15 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hyrule Field
324 Guardian Spear++ 20 ・Hebra Mountains
・Akkala Highlands
325 Lynel Spear 14 ・Gerudo Highlands
・West Necluda
326 Mighty Lynel Spear 20 ・Great Hyrule Forest
・Deep Akkal
327 Savage Lynel Spear 30 ・Gerudo Highlands
・Hebra Mountains

No. refers to the Hyrule Compendium number.

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