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This is a complete list of all the armor in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOtW). Find all armor pieces here including headgears, tunics, and greaves, as well as armor sets.

List of All BOtW Armor

List of Headgear

Travel Hyrule in style. Headgears give a decent amount of protection while making sure you look nice!

Amber Earrings Ancient Helm Barbarian Helm Bokoblin Mask
Cap of the Wild Climber's Bandanna Dark Hood Desert Voe Headband
Diamond Circlet Flamebreaker Helm Gerudo Veil Hylian Hood
Korok Mask Lizalfos Mask Lynel Mask Majora's Mask
Midna's Helmet Moblin Mask Opal Earrings Phantom Ganon Skull
Phantom Helmet Radiant Mask Ravio's Hood Royal Guard Cap
Rubber Helm Ruby Circlet Salvager Headwear Sapphire Circlet
Snowquill Headdress Soldier's Helm Stealth Mask Thunder Helm
Tingle's Hood Topaz Earrings Zant's Helmet Zora Helm
Cap of Time Cap of Twilight Cap of the Hero Cap of the Sky
Cap of the Wind Fierce Deity's Mask Sheik's Mask Vah Medoh Divine Helm
Vah Naboris Divine Helm Vah Rudania Divine Helm Vah Ruta Divine Helm

List of Headgear and Stats

List of Tunics

Vests, shirts, and armors are all here. Gear up for battle, and equip the perfect armor to suit your adventure needs.

Ancient Cuirass Barbarian Armor Champion's Tunic Climbing Gear
Desert Voe Spaulder Flamebreaker Armor Gerudo Top Hylian Tunic
Island Lobster Shirt Nintendo Switch Shirt Old Shirt Phantom Armor
Phantom Ganon Armor Radiant Shirt Royal Guard Uniform Rubber Armor
Salvager Vest Snowquill Tunic Soldier's Armor Stealth Chest Guard
Tingle's Shirt Tunic of the Wild Warm Doublet Zora Armor
Dark Tunic Fierce Deity Armor Tunic of the Sky Tunic of Time
Tunic of Twilight Tunic of the Hero Tunic of the Wind

List of Tunics and Stats

List of Greaves

Climb mountains or swim through waters with the right type of greaves. Trousers, boots, all of these are listed down here!

Ancient Greaves Barbarian Leg Wraps Climbing Boots Desert Voe Trousers
Flamebreaker Boots Gerudo Sirwal Hylian Trousers Phantom Ganon Greaves
Phantom Greaves Radiant Tights Royal Guard Boots Rubber Tights
Salvager Trousers Sand Boots Snow Boots Snowquill Trousers
Soldier's Greaves Stealth Tights Tingle's Tights Trousers of the Wild
Well-Worn Trousers Zora Greaves Dark Trousers Fierce Deity Boots
Trousers of the Sky Trousers of Time Trousers of Twilight Trousers of the Hero
Trousers of the Wind

List of Greaves and Stats

List of All BOtW Armor Sets

Wearing a full set of armor grants you a set bonus. Check out the list of armor sets in Breath of the Wild and how you can get them.

See All Armor Sets

Armor Sets
Ancient Set Barbarian Set Climbing Set Dark Series Set
Desert Voe Set Fierce Deity Set Fireproof Armor Set Gerudo Set
Hero Set Hero of the Sky Set Hero of the Wind Set Hero of Time Set
Hero of Twilight Set Hylian Set Phantom Set Phantom Ganon Set
Radiant Set Royal Guard Set Rubber Set Salvager Set
Snowquill Set Soldier Set Stealth Set Tingle Set
Wild Set Zora Set

All Armor Sets and Set Bonuses

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