How to Collect All Fuses in 5 minutes | Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3)

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This is a guide on how to obtain the warehouse fuses in under 5 minutes in the game Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). Read on to learn where each fuse is and how to get them as quick as possible.

How to Collect All Fuses in 5 minutes

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Underground Storage
★Record Rewards★
Electric Slide: Collect all the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.
Points: 2,000P

Collecting All Fuses in Under 5 Minutes Video

Tips For Getting the Fuses

Recommended Tips
Checkmark.pngAvoid fighting enemies when possible.

Checkmark.pngMemorize the route you take.

Checkmark.pngPlay on Assisted Mode.

Avoiding Fights

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You will encounter many enemies in this area while collecting all three fuses. Try to avoid enemies that can easily be bypassed.

Map and Route

Memorize Maps.jpg
Try to memorize the route you will take before attempting to collect them all in under 5 minutes. This way, you will never get lost while collecting the fuses.

Assisted Mode

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You can play on lower difficulty to make the enemies less aggressive and a lot less tougher. Doing this can drastically decrease your time spent killing enemies blocking doors.

How to Get All the Fuses

1 The Fuse box will explode upon using the elevator controls.
2 Use the Lift Lever on your right and go up the platform to pick up the First Fuse. Note: Once you get close enough to the Lever, a Pale Head will drop down on your location.
3 Kill the approaching two zombie dogs and slip through the small space.
4 Head up the stairs, take a right turn, and bring the elevator up.
5 Proceed through this path and go down the ladder. Be careful of the zombies that will appear once you get close to the Fuse.
6 Head back to the ladder and avoid the Hunter Gamma.
7 Enter the door near the stairs leading to the lower area. Shoot down the zombies and the Pale Head that you will encounter then take the left door.
8 Head down the stairs and get the third Fuse. Note: A Hunter Beta will appear while getting the third Fuse.
9 Head back to the Fuse Box near the broken elevator. Use the ladder to climb back up and take the left door leading to the Office. Note: You will have to fight three NE-Alpha Parasites guarding the Fuse Box.

Fuse Locations

Fuse 1
Fuse 1.jpg
Near the lift and the stairs before fighting the zombie dogs.
Fuse 2
Fuse 2.jpg
Near the trailers full of zombies and Hunter Gamma.
Fuse 3
Fuse 3.jpg
After going down the stairs next to the room connected to the Office.

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Police Station 30 minutes
Subway Tunnel ~ Clock Tower 15 minutes
Hospital 70 minutes
Underground Storage 25 minutes
Nest 2 40 minutes
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>>2 Nope but it has a timer so you will need to complete it under 5 mins

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