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This is a guide to farming Dragon Parts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the quickest ways to get Dragon Parts (Scales, Claws, Fangs, and Horns), as well as what to use them for!

Dragon Parts General Info

The Three Dragons that roam the skies of Hyrule drop four parts associated with the part of their body that you hit with an arrow.

Dinraal Dragon Parts

Dinral in the CanyonDinraal is the spirit of fire and lives in the Eldin Region of Hyrule. Shooting it with arrows causes it to drop the following items:

Dragon Part How to Obtain
Dinraal's Scale Hit Dinraal's Body
Dinraal's Claw Hit Dinraal's Claws, Arms, or Legs
Shard of Dinraal's Fang Hit Dinraal's Mouth
Shard of Dinraal's Horn Hit Dinraal's Horns

Farosh Dragon Parts

Farosh Closeup
Farosh is the spirit of lighting and lives in the Faron Region of Hyrule. Shooting it with arrows causes it to drop the following items:

Dragon Part How to Obtain
Farosh's Scale Hit Farosh's Body
Farosh's Claw Hit Farosh's Claws, Arms, or Legs
Shard of Farosh's Fang Hit Farosh's Mouth
Shard of Farosh's Horn Hit Farosh's Horns

Naydra Dragon Parts

Naydra Closeup 2
Naydra is the spirit of ice and lives in the Lanayru Region of Hyrule. Shooting it with arrows causes it to drop the following items:

Dragon Part How to Obtain
Naydra's Scale Hit Naydra's Body
Naydra's Claw Hit Naydra's Claws, Arms, or Legs
Shard of Naydra's Fang Hit Naydra's Mouth
Shard of Naydra's Horn Hit Naydra's Horns

What To Do With Dragon parts

Upgrading Armor

Dragon Parts are primarily used to upgrade certain armor sets in the game. The Champion's Tunic, for example, requires the two horn parts from each of the three dragons.

Extend Dish Effects

Dragon Parts are also used as an ingredient in cooking. Using a part extendes the effects of the dish created.

Methods of Farming Dragon Parts

Although each Dragon roams the area of their associated region, there are certain spots where its easiest to encounter them.

Dinraal Farming at Tanagar Canyon

Tanagar Canyon Dinraal

The best place to encounter and farm Dinraal's parts is at Tanagar Canyon. You can get there by warping to Maag No'rah Shrine located southwest of Serenne Stable.

Dinraal Descending to Tanagar
Head to the ledge overlooking Tanagar Canyon and look to the north. You'll see Dinraal descend from the sky and down to the Canyon proper. If it doesn't appear, you can set up a campfire and rest.

This is the best place to farm Dinraal since it flies down the canyon, which means you're almost always above the dragon once you glide. You can then adjust your glide so that you can target a specific location of its body.

Farosh Farming at Riola Spring

Riola Spring Farosh
The best place to encounter and farm Farosh's parts is at Riola Spring located in the West Necluda Region. You can get there by warping to Shoda Sah Shrine.

Waterfall Swimming
Upon warping to the shrine, you'll need to exit the waterfall and swin south from the shrine and swim towards the edge of the next waterfall towards some rocks.

Tropical Vantage Point
Next, you'll want to use Revali's Gale to head up the cliffside with a lot of tropic trees. This is the best place to wait for Farosh to spawn. If it doesn't appear yet, you can always set up a camp and wait.

Farosh Descending
Farosh appears from the top of the mountain behind Riola Spring and will slowly make its way down the base of the waterfall.

Gliding down from your vantage point ensures that you're always above the dragon once it reaches the base of the waterfall, allowing you to target a specific location of its body easily.

Naydra Farming at Lanayru East Gate

Lanaryu East Gate Naydra
The best place to encounter and farm Naydra is at the Lanayru East Gate located west of Lanayru Mountain and north of Purifier Lake. You can get there by warping to Jitan Sa'mi Shrine and heading west down the Naydra Snowfield.

Note: Naydra will only appear after purifying it of Malice during The Spring of Wisdom quest.

Naydra Mountain
Slightly north of Naydra Snowfield is a mountain range. Head up here using Revali's Gale as this overlooks where Naydra will make its descent.

Naydra Appears
Turn east facing Mount Lanayru. You'll see Naydra descending from the mountain. If it doesn't appear, you can always set up a camp and wait.

Naydra will start descending down the path towards Lanaryu East Gate. Glide down from your vantage point and hit Naydra at the part of its body you want to farm drops from.

Dragon Parts Farming Tips

Dinraal Farming Tips

Use a Metal Bow

Although Dinraal is the easiest Dragon to farm, it can be tricky to target it if you use a wooden bow. The dragon shoots fireballs from its body that can set wooden weapons on fire. Always use a metal bow when farming Dinraal.

Farosh Farming Tips

Avoid Using Metal Weapons

Farosh Bolts
Thunderstorms frequently happen in the area around Riola Springs, which means you're at risk of getting struck by lightning if you use a metal weapon. Farosh also shoots out lightning orbs that will cause Link to drop his weapon when hit.

It's best to use a wooden bow when farming Farosh in this location. You may also use electric-resist elixirs or wear the Rubber Armor.

Have the Zora Armor Ready

Farming from the Riola Spring location always causes Farosh to drop its parts on the lake at the base of the waterfall. Always have your Zora Armor ready so you can quickly swim where the dragon part lands in the water.

Naydra Farming Tips

Conserve Your Revali's Gale

Naydra Gale
Unlike the other two Dragons that take a long time to descend from the sky, Naydra tends to bob up and down as it flies around the sky.

This can make it difficult to hit it, often forcing you to chase it down the Lanayru Road. As a result, it's best to conserve your Revali's Gale so you can quickly close your distance if you fail to hit the Dragon the first time.

Avoid the Ice Orbs

Naydra Closeup

Naydra shoots Ice Orbs from its body as it flies across the sky. If these hit Link, he will become frozen and will plummet from the sky causing severe damage. These orbs shoot out randomly from its body so be prepared to quickly turn and drop as you're gliding towards Naydra.

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