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Shrouded Shrine Shrine Quest Walkthrough

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Shrouded Shrine is a Shrine Quest in Thyphlo Ruins of the Woodland Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Shrouded Shrine, and all quest rewards.

How to Start Shrouded Shrine

Shrouded Shrine Location

Quest Giver ???
Location Thyphlo Ruins
Region Woodland

Shrouded Shrine Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Head to Typhlo Ruins

# Guide
Head to Typhlo Ruins
Typhlo Ruins is located north of the Lost Woods

Look for a forest with a dark cloud enveloping it.

Enter the forest through any direction to start the Shrine Quest.

Alternative: Start from the West Entrance
The West Entrance will have a path to the ruins and a torch and fire to light your way.

Find the Hinox

# Guide
Light All Bird Statues and Bonfires
You'll need all the light you can get for this Shrine Quest.

Find and light Bird Statues and Bonfires on your way to keep track of where you've been.
Find the Hinox
Follow the directions on our map image for the easiest way to the Hinox.

Be on the lookout for gaps in between pillars to get to the Hinox quicker.
Defeat the Hinox
Defeat the Hinox to claim in the orb.

Alternative: Steal the Orb
Sneak onto the Hinox's hand and wait for him to lift you onto his belly. Then, grab the orb and throw it onto the ground.

This way you won't have to fight the Hinox but still get the orb

Other Sources of Light

BotW - Shrouded Shrine - Light Source - Daruk

If already available to you, you can also use Daruk's Protection to light your way through Typhlo Ruins. This won't light up as much as a lit Torch would but still works great in a pinch.

Here are some other ways to find light in the Ruins:

Other Sources of Light
Bird Statues

Lit Torch

Daruk's Protection

Star Fragment
Master Cycle Zero

Ancient Weapons

Elemental Weapons

Place Orb into Pedestal

# Guide
Place Orb onto the Pedestal
Bring the orb east of where you fought the Hinox and you'll find a pedestal.

Place the orb into the hole and a shrine will appear to the west.

Collect All Treasures

# Guide
Optional: Collect All Treasures
Search the ruins to find a total of 8 Treasure Chests.

You can also collect Torches, Fire Rods, and a Flamespear across the Ruins. Check the map below for all Locations!

Treasure Chest Locations Map

Wide View Close-up View

Shrouded Shrine Quest Rewards

Ketoh Wawai Shrine

Complete the shrine quest to unlock the Ketoh Wawai Shrine.
Ketoh Wawai Shrine Walkthrough

Shrouded Shrine Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Shrouded Shrine.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Clear Someone built this challenge within the Thyphlo Ruins.
When you stole the object from the Hinox hidden in the depths of the ruins and placed it on the pedestal, a shrine appeared!

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