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Character Tier List | Best Brawlers 2021

This page will show you the tier list ranking of all the Brawlers (Characters) in Brawl Stars. Find out who are the best characters as of October 2021 by reading on!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

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This page will show you the tier list ranking of all the Brawlers (Characters) in Brawl Stars. Find out who are the best characters as of October 2021 by reading on!

Rating for New Brawlers

New Brawlers

MegMeg Tier: S Rating: 9/10
Type: Damage Dealer Rarity: Legendary
AshAsh Tier: S Rating: 9/10
Type: Heavy Weight Rarity: Chromatic

Upcoming Brawler

LolaLola Tier: A Rating: 8.5/10
Type: Damage Dealer Rarity: Chromatic

Note: The ratings for the upcoming brawlers are subject to change, as their stats, skills, and abilities are still unavailable in the game.

Tier List Overview

Sprout Byron Crow Leon Squeak
Poco Lou Brock Mortis Gene Max Sandy Gale Colonel Ruffs Belle Griff Ash Meg
Jessie Rico Bo Tick Emz Penny Piper Pam Edgar Tara Mr. P Spike Amber Colette Surge Stu Buzz Lola
Colt Dynamike El Primo Barley 8-Bit Bibi Bea Nani
Shelly Nita Bull Rosa Darryl Carl Jacky Frank

Tier List - October 2021

SS Tier

Character Rarity Type Rating
ByronByron Mythic Support 10
• His Normal Attack can heal and inflict damage over time.
• His Normal attack can reach faraway teammates and enemies.
• Currently the best healer in the game.
CrowCrow Legendary Toxic Assassin 10
• Has a very fast movement speed.
• Normal Attack and Super Skill deal damage over time and reduces healing from all sources against opponents.
• Can easily get in and out of battle, especially if Super Skill is available.
LeonLeon Legendary Stealth Assassin 10
• Can chase most Brawlers because of his very fast movement speed.
• Super Skill can help get out of any bad situations.
• Super Skill can be used to hunt down low HP enemies.
SqueakSqueak Mythic Fighter 10
• Super and Normal Attack can stick to enemies and deal AoE damage.
• Attacks can hit enemies behind a cover because of their explosion radius.
• One of the best brawlers that can handle multiple enemies at once.
SproutSprout Mythic Support 9.5
• Normal Attack can go over walls and bounces off after landing.
• Super Skill can be used to block paths of opponents.
• Can damage multiple enemies if they're close to each other.

S Tier

Character Rarity Type Rating
MegMeg Legendary Damage Dealer 9
• Can get into a powerful Mecha with her Super.
• Has a long range and fast movement speed that helps her evade her opponents' attacks.
• You can charge her Super fast, in normal or Mecha form.
Colonel RuffsColonel Ruffs Chromatic Support 9
• Has high damage output for a support brawler.
• Can power up all allies with his Super Skill.
• Normal Attack has long range and can bounce off walls.
AshAsh Chromatic Heavy Weight 9
• Has a great range for a Heavy Weight Brawler.
• Has a Rage Level that increases his attack and movement speed.
• Super can be used to protect and damage enemies.
GriffGriff Epic Fighter 9
• Has a long and wide range.
• Super can pierce through enemies and will go back after a short while, dealing damage again on the way back.
PocoPoco Rare Support 9
• He can hit multiple enemies because his attack pierces through enemies.
• He can provide his teammates with huge heals.
• Gadget and Star Powers can provide more support to his teammates.
LouLou Chromatic Support 9
• Can make the ground slippery for his opponents with his Super Skill.
• Can slow down and freeze opponents with his attacks.
• He is arguably the best support brawler in the game.
BrockBrock Trophy Road Reward Sharp Shooter 9
• Has a very long range and high damage output.
• Can hit multiple enemies and destroy obstacles with his Super.
• Become extremely strong when he gets his Star Powers.
MortisMortis Mythic Dashing Assassin 9
• Has the best mobility in the game.
• Super skill can damage multiple opponents and heal himself.
• Can further improve his mobility and damage when equipped with his Star Power.
GeneGene Mythic Support 9
• Can deal damage on multiple enemies.
Super Skill can grab opponents even behind a cover or wall.
• Can hit multiple enemies if attack didn't make contact on an enemy..
MaxMax Mythic Support 9
• She has the most number of attacks compared to all the Brawlers.
• Can provide movement speed boost to all allies in range with her Super.
• Has high damage output for a Support Brawler.
SandySandy Legendary Support 9
• Can hide his teammates in a Sandstorm with her Super Skill.
• Normal attack pierces through enemies and can hit multiple opponents at once.
• Has fast movement speed and high health.
• Can heal allies or damage enemies with her Super Skill if she got his Star Powers.
GaleGale Chromatic Support 9
• Deals high damage for a Support Brawler.
• One of best character for duo battle royale and team battles.
• Super Skill passes through obstacles and knock foes away.
BelleBelle Chromatic Sharp Shooter 9
• Has high damage output and can hit multiple enemies in range.
• Her Super increases the damage taken of an enemy that gets hit.
• Gadget and Star Power is extremely useful in battle.

A Tier

Character Rarity Type Rating
JessieJessie Trophy Road Reward Fighter 8.5
• Her bullet can bounce off opponents when they hit.
• She can summon an autonomous turret to help her fight.
• Her turret will become stronger when her Star Power is active.
RicoRico Super Rare Sharp Shooter 8.5
• His bullets can bounce off walls.
• Has high damage output.
• His Super pierces through enemies and can also bounce off walls.
BoBo Trophy Road Reward Fighter 8.5
• He has high damage output.
• Can deploy invisible mines, and it deals damage on enemies caught by its explosion.
• Star Powers greatly increases his combat capabilities.
TickTick Trophy Road Reward Thrower 8.5
• Can deal high damage on enemies from afar.
• Mines stay longer after landing.
• Super Skill automatically hunts down enemies and deal high damage.
EmzEmz Trophy Road Reward Fighter 8.5
• Can deal damage over time with her Normal Attack and Super.
• Addition to her Super, it can also slow down her enemies within range.
• Can fight multiple enemies at once because all of her attacks have a wide range.
PennyPenny Super Rare Sharp Shooter 8.5
• Can deploy a cannon that automatically attack enemies within range.
• She can hit multiple enemies they lined up.
• Gadgets are very useful in a brawl battle.
PiperPiper Epic Sharp Shooter 8.5
• Has a high damage output and very long range.
• Can get out of a close range fight with her Super.
• One of the best character to use in Bounty events.
PamPam Epic Support 8.5
• Normal attack have a wide range.
• She can provide consistent healing to all allies.
• Has a lot of health and can mostly tank in a match.
EdgarEdgar Epic Assassin 8.5
• Easy-to-use character with high damage output.
• Can recover health with each attack.
• Super Skill charges automatically
• Has a super fast reloading speed.
TaraTara Mythic Fighter 8.5
• Can deal high damage on multiple enemy because of piercing attacks.
• Can immobilize and group up enemies with her Super Skill.
Can summon a healer or attacker if both Star Powers are unlocked.
Mr. PMr. P Mythic Sharp Shooter 8.5
• Can hit enemies behind a cover with his Normal Attack.
• Summons a penguin that can help him in battle with his Super Skill.
• His attack can deal extra damage in an area if it hits an opponent.
SpikeSpike Legendary Sharp Shooter 8.5
• His Normal Attack deals ton of damage, and explodes when it reaches its max range or if it hits an enemy.
• Can slow down and inflict damage over time with his Super Skill.
• Normal attack and Super skill both have long range.
AmberAmber Legendary Fire Breather 8.5
• Normal attack deals high damage and can pierce through enemies.
• Can damage enemies over time with her Super Skill.
Super Skill and Normal attack both have long range.
ColetteColette Chromatic Fighter 8.5
• Health is higher compared to other Fighter.
• Can deal more damage against enemies the more health they have.
• Super Skill gives shield if she has Mass Tax Star Power.
SurgeSurge Chromatic Fighter 8.5
• High attack damage and can hit multiple enemies at once
• Super Skill gives buffs.
• Good for team battles and battle royale.
StuStu Trophy Road Reward Action Assassin 8.5
• Has high damage output.
• Super can let him move around the map quickly and it charges fast.
• Gadget and Star Power are extremely useful in battle.
BuzzBuzz Chromatic Buzzassin 8.5
• Can easily go near enemies with his Super.
• Has a high damage output and can hit multiple enemies at once.
• His Super gauge charges automatically for every enemy Brawler in range.
LolaLola Chromatic Damage Dealer 8.5
• She can create a copy of herself with her Super.
• Has good crowd control because of her attack's wide hit range.
• Her Super skill charges fast.

B Tier

Character Rarity Type Rating
ColtColt Trophy Road Reward Sharp Shooter 8
• Can attack from long range and deal huge damage on enemies.
• His Super pierces through enemies and can destroy walls.
• Gadgets and Star Powers greatly increases his offensive capabilities.
DynamikeDynamike Trophy Road Reward Thrower 8
• Has high damage output and can hit enemies behind a cover.
• His Super deals high damage that can destroy obstacles.
• All of his Gadgets and Star Power are useful in battle.
• He has the fastest movement speed among Thrower Brawlers.
El PrimoEl Primo Rare Heavy Weight 8
• He can get near his enemies or get out of a fight with his Super Skill.
• All of his Gadgets and Star Power are useful in battle
BarleyBarley Rare Thrower 8
• He can deal damage over time and can hit opponents behind a wall.
• His Gadgets and Star Power can help him gain health in battle
8-Bit8-Bit Trophy Road Reward Sharp Shooter 8
• Provides attack boost to any teammates with its Super Skill.
• Has high damage output.
•Gadgets and Star Powers are all useful and can help him survive longer in battle.
BibiBibi Epic Batter 8
• She can deal huge damage and knock foes away.
• Super skill bounces off walls and can hit enemies multiple times.
• Attack has a wide range.
BeaBea Epic Sharp Shooter 8
• Power ups the next shot when her first attack hits.
• Can hit and slow down opponents in an arc with her Super.
• Gadgets are all useful in battle.
NaniNani Epic Fighter 8
• Long-ranged Brawler with high damage output.
• Can instantly kill low health enemies from afar using Super Skill.
• Attack and Super skill is hard to evade.

C Tier

Character Rarity Type Rating
ShellyShelly Starting Brawler Fighter 7.5
• Good at close-range fights.
• Gadgets and Star Powers can help her survive longer in a battle.
• Can hit opponents behind a cover with her Super.
NitaNita Trophy Road Reward Fighter 7.5
• Can summon a bear to help her out in battle.
• Star Powers can make her and her bear stronger.
• Her reloading speed is very fast.
RosaRosa Rare Heavy Weight 7.5
• Her attacks pierce through enemies.
• She increases her defense significantly with her Super Skill.
• Her Star Power, Plant Life, can give her a tremendous advantage when inside a bush.
DarrylDarryl Super Rare Heavy Weight 7.5
• Close combat specialist with great mobility.
• Can damage opponents multiple times with his Super.
• His Super Skill gauge recharges automatically.
CarlCarl Super Rare Fighter 7.5
• Can hit opponents multiple times with his attack.
• Can speed up and deal damage with his Super Skill.
• Can hit opponents from a long range.
FrankFrank Epic Heavy Weight 7.5
• Has extremely high health.
• Attacks can reach opponents at mid-range.
• Can destroy walls and immobilize enemies with his Super.
BullBull Trophy Road Reward Heavy Weight 7
• Can instantly delete an opponent when he gets close.
• His Super can clear out obstacles and deal damage on opponents.
• His Gadgets and Star Powers can help him survive longer in battle.
JackyJacky Super Rare Heavy Weight 7
• She can hit enemies behind a cover as long as they're within range.
• Can pull in enemies using her Super.
• Her Gadget and Star Powers can immensely increase her fighting abilities.

Tier List Criteria

Tier List Criteria - Brawl Stars.jpg
We made this list on how well a character can perform in team and solo matches, how well they do their role, and how strong they can get with their Star Powers and Gadgets. Additionally, we disregarded their rarity and how easy you can get them in making this list.

Tier List Criteria Overview
Team & Solo Matches Capabilities Star Powers and Gadgets Compatibility Role and Overall Performance
  • Team and Solo Matches Capabilities: Some brawlers can fight well in solo or team matches, or both. They usually can perform well on different brawl events as well. These Brawlers that are good in both solo and team matches are well-ranked on the list.
  • Star Powers and Gadgets Compatibility: Most, if not all, Star Powers and Gadgets will make your Brawlers get stronger. There are also Star Powers and Gadgets that work well with each other. And thus, Brawlers with the best combination of Star Powers and Gadgets are rated higher than the other.
  • Role and Overall Performance: Every Brawler has their role in the game. We also kept that in mind while creating this list. Brawlers that can do two or more parts than intended are ranked higher than the others. That is also true for Brawlers with the same role but can do better than the others. Squeak, for example, is probably the best Fighter Brawler as of now because of how he can control an area and defeat any type of Brawlers fast who get in his range. He also received a couple of buffs at the start of Season 8, making him more powerful than ever.

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no crow od better than stu he can beat a lot of brawlers with his gadget and super

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