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Brawl Stars - Events & Update Information

Latest News & Updates - Brawl Stars.png

Special Event - Big Game

Open Season
Open Season
Type Big Game
Availability Date June 19 - 7:00 am (GMT) ~ June 21 - 7:00 am (GMT)

The event for this weekend is the Big Game. Become the hunter or the big brawler and win the match to earn tokens for your Brawl Pass!

New & Upcoming Characters!

New Characters

BelleBelle SqueakSqueak

Upcoming Characters

Release Date: June 21, 2021


Brawl Stars - Tier List

Character Tier Lists - Brawl Stars.png
Character Tier List
Best Teams - Brawl Stars.png
Best Teams

Brawl Stars - Characters

By Rarity

Reward - Brawl Stars.png
Rare - Brawl Stars.png
Super Rare - Brawl Stars.png
Super Rare
Epic - Brawl Stars.png
Mythic - Brawl Stars.png
Legendary - Brawl Stars.png
Chromatic - Brawl Stars.png

By Type

Fighter - Brawl Stars.png
Sharpshooter - Brawl Stars.png
Sharp Shooter
Heavyweight - Brawl Stars.png
Heavy Weight
Thrower - Brawl Stars.png
Support - Brawl Stars.png
Unique - Brawl Stars.png
Unique Type

By Range

Short - Brawl Stars.png
Short Range
Normal - Brawl Stars.png
Normal Range
Long Range - Brawl Stars.png
Long Range
Very Long Range - Brawl Stars.png
Very Long Range

Brawl Stars - Maps

List of Maps - Brawl Stars .png
Gem Grab - Brawl Stars.png
Gem Grab
Showdown - Brawl Stars.png
Brawl Ball - Brawl Stars.png
Brawl Ball
Siege - Brawl Stars.png
Heist - Brawl Stars.png
Bounty - Brawl Stars.png
Hotzone - Brawl Stars.png
Hot Zone
Knockout Icon - Brawl Stars.png
Super City Rampage Map - Brawl Stars.png
Super City Rampage
Big Game - Brawl Stars.png
Big Game
Robo Rumble - Brawl Stars.png
Robo Rumble
Lone Star Icon - Brawl Stars.png
Lone Star
Boss Fight Map Icon - Brawl Stars.png
Boss Fight

Brawl Stars - Beginner Guides

List of Beginner Guides.png
How to Get Trophies - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Trophies
Battle Tips & Strategies - Brawl Stars.png
Battle Tips and Strategies
How to Get Brawl Boxes - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get a Brawl Box
How to Change Controls - Brawl Stars.png
How to Change Controls
How to Get Gems - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Gems
How to Get Coins - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Coins
How to Get Gadgets - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Gadgets
How to Get Star Points - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Star Points
How to Power Points - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Power Points
How to Upgrade Characters - Brawl Stars.png
How to Upgrade Characters
How to Get Skins - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Skins
How to Get Brawlers - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Brawlers (Characters)
How to Get and Change Pins - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get and Change Pins
How to Get Star Powers - Brawl Stars.png
How to Get Star Power
How to Win in Brawl Events - Brawl Stars.png
How to Win in Brawl Events
How to Add Friends - Brawl Stars.png
How to Add Friends
How to Create Maps - Brawl Stars.png
How to Create Maps
What is Power League - Brawl Stars.png
What is Power League?
What Does Underdog Mean - Brawl Stars.png
What Does Underdog Mean?

Brawl Stars - Message Boards

Discussion Board
Discussion Board
Friend Request Board
Friend Request Board

What is Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars.png
Price Free to Play (In-game Purchases Available)
Publisher Supercell
Compatible Systems iOS/Android
Release Date Beta Launch: 06/17/17
Global Launch: 12/12/18
Genre Online Multiplayer / Shooting Game
Official Website Brawl Stars | Supercell
Official Twitter Account @BrawlStars

PvP Online Multiplayer at your Fingertips!

Online Multiplayer - Brawl Stars.png

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer mobile game developed by Supercell. It is a fast-paced shooting game consisting of different game modes, packed with unique goals and objectives.

Various Characters with Unique Abilities

Various Characters - Brawl Stars.png

There are more than 40 characters (Brawlers) to collect, and each one of them has distinctive roles and skills. Take on the Battle Royale, 3v3 Team Battles, or PvE events using your best Brawlers and dominate your enemies out there!

Over 70+ Maps to play with

Over 70+  Maps - Brawl Stars.png

Brawl Stars has over 70+ maps players can participate in the game. Each of them has different layouts and gimmicks, which gives players a variety of choices to use in a brawl battle.

Dress up your Brawlers with Cool Skins!

Character Skins - Brawl Stars.png

Flex out your best characters by equipping them with various skins you can get in the game. You can dress them up as a Cowboy, Heroine, Bandit, Mecha, and more!

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