Brawl Stars

Battle Tips and Strategies: How to Win in a Match

This guide will show you tips and strategies for winning in Brawl Stars. Read on to learn how to be victorious in battle royale mode and 3-versus-3 battle mode!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

Battle Tips & Strategies - Brawl Stars.png
This guide will show you tips and strategies for winning in Brawl Stars. Read on to learn how to be victorious in battle royale mode and 3-versus-3 battle mode!

General Battle Tips

Quickshot & Aiming


Quickshot - Brawl Stars.png
You should only use Quickshot if your opponents are close to you, as it would save you time to attack them. You can do it by just tapping on the Attack Button. Quickshot favors the short-ranged more compared to long-ranged Brawlers.

Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot - Brawl Stars.png
If your opponents are far from you, consider aiming your shot as it will most likely miss. All projectiles have a travel time, so be sure to predict where your opponents will go to hit them with your attacks! Aimed Shot favors the long-ranged more than the short-ranged Brawlers.
How to Change Controls


Check Bushes - Brawl Stars.png
Be careful around bushes, especially if you're Brawler is not suitable for close combat, as you might get attacked by lurking enemies. Check them first to see if it's safe by shooting stray bullets.

Hiding in a Bush - Brawl Stars.png
You can also use the bushes to your advantage by hiding and waiting for your enemies to come close. This strategy is most suitable for Heavyweight or Fighter type of Brawlers.

Know your role

Know your role - Select Brawlers (Brawl Stars).png
There are several types of Brawlers, and each one of them has its respective roles. Doing what you're Brawlers' are good at will always give your team advantages in a battle.

If you're using a Heavyweight Brawler, for example, make sure to get into the front and keep your opponents away from your team's shooters.

Team Composition

Team Composition - Brawl Stars.jpg

Look for someone to talk to and play if it's possible. It is better to talk how you want things going in a battle, and getting the right combination of Brawlers will lead you closer to victory!

How to Add Friends

Types of Brawl Battle and Map

Check Map and Event - Brawl Stars.jpg
Before going to any battle, check what type it is and see how the map looks. Consider using long-ranged Brawlers if the location has a more open area and short-ranged Brawlers if it has more bushes and is cramped.

How to Win in Brawl Events

Showdown Tips and Strategies

Pick up Power-Up Cells

Getting Power Up Cells - Brawl Stars.png
First thing first, get power-up cells before fighting other opponents. You can get them by destroying crates scattered throughout the map or by defeating enemies. Getting a power-up cell will increase not only your damage but also your health. Overpower your opponents by collecting the power-up cells more than them!

Third-Party Fight

Third-Party Fights - Brawl Stars.png
One of the worst situations in a Showdown is to get pincered by a third-party team. To avoid that, make sure to defeat the opponents fast or quickly retreat behind a wall or hide in bushes.

Of course, you can also use this to your advantage. Watch your opponents and wait for them to battle each other. Then, join the fight once both are weakened and take them all at once!


Top 2 - Brawls Stars.png
In other Battle Royale games, you need to be the last man or team standing to be the winner. However, it's different with Brawl Stars. Even if you get second place, it will still count as a win!

You can survive the area by staying close to the corners, hiding around bushes, playing defensively, or getting lots of power up cells.


Respawn - Brawl Stars.png
You can still fight even if you died in a battle as long as your teammate is alive. Make sure not to give up, and instead, watch your opponents know their whereabouts on the battlefield and support your teammate so you can both make a comeback!

Stick with your Teammate

Stick with your teammate - Brawl Stars.png
Always stick close to your teammate. Getting attacked by a team while your teammate is far will surely get you killed. Always check where your teammate is going so you can cover each other's back!

Wait for your Teammate - Brawl Stars.png
If an unfortunate event has happened and your teammate died, get away from opponents and wait for him to respawn. As most people like to say, "Two heads are better the one"!

3v3 Battle Tips and Strategies

Map Control

Keep opponents in place - Brawl Stars.png
To win in 3v3 Battle, you must get or do the objective. And to achieve that smoothly, you must take control of the map. Focus on controlling the area instead of killing your opponents. Keeping them in one place would be the better choice rather than forcing a fight to kill them.

Defensive Playstyle

Defensive Playstyle - Brawl Stars .png
Except for Bounty Brawls, most objectives in 3v3 Battles are to defend or collect an item. And because of that, it is better to learn how to play defensively or use defense type of Brawlers in 3v3 Battles.

It's a different matter if the opponents have the objectives, though. That is the time to go on the full offensive to stop your opponents from taking home the win!

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