Brawl Stars

How to Get Star Points

This guide will show you how to get Star Points in Brawl Stars. Read on to learn where to get them and where to spend them!

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How to Get Star Points - Brawl Stars.png
This guide will show you how to get Star Points in Brawl Stars. Read on to learn where to get them and where to spend them!

Star Points

Star Point is one of the special currency in the game. The only use of Star Points is to buy exclusive skins in the Shop, under Star Shop.

Most skins available in the Star Shop outrank what the Skin Shop can offer to the players. Save up Star Points to get some cool skins for your Brawlers!
How to Get Skins

How to get Star Points

Brawler Rank and Trophy League

Trophy League Star Points - Brawl Stars.jpg
You can get star points every time your Brawler reaches Rank 10 and every five ranks after that. You can also get Star Points by earning 500 trophies and above, but you can only get it after a season ends.

Rank 1-20 Star Point Rewards

Rank Star Points
Rank 10 100 Star Points
Rank 15 200 Star Points
Rank 20 300 Star Points

Note: This section is still under construction. We will update this as soon as we get the information.

Power League Rank Rewards

Power League Rank Rewards - Brawl Stars.jpg
Earn large amount of Star Points at the end of each season by ranking up in the Power League. Power League is a new competitive game mode that is quite similar to professional Brawl Stars competition.

What is Power League?

Rank Rewards Rank Rewards
Bronze 1 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 1 500 Star Points Diamond 2 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 2 10000 Star Points
Bronze 2 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 2 1000 Star Points Diamond 3 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 3 12500 Star Points
Bronze 3 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 3 2000 Star Points Mythic 1 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 1 15000 Star Points
Silver 1 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 1 2500 Star Points Mythic 2 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 2 17500 Star Points
Silver 2 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 2 3000 Star Points Mythic 3 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 3 20000 Star Points
Silver 3 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 3 3750 Star Points Legendary 1 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 1 25000 Star Points
Gold 1 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 1 4500 Star Points Legendary 2 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 2 30000 Star Points
Gold 2 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 2 5500 Star Points Legendary 3 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 3 40000 Star Points
Gold 3 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 3 7700 Star Points Master - Brawl Stars.pngMaster 50000 Star Points
Diamond 1 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 1 8750 Star Points

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