Brawl Stars

How to Get Brawlers (Characters)

This article is a guide on how to get Brawlers (Characters) in Brawl Stars. To know where to get them in the game, read on.

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

How to Get Brawlers - Brawl Stars.png
This article is a guide on how to get Brawlers (Characters) in Brawl Stars. To know where to get them in the game, read on.

What are Brawlers

Mythic Character - Brawl Stars.jpg
Brawlers are characters in the game that you'll use to participate in event battles against other players. Each Brawler has its role and characteristics that distinguish their differences from each other.

They can also vary from Chromatic, Legendary, Mythic, Epic, Super Rare, and Rare — with Rare being the lowest rarity and Chromatic being the highest rarity.
List of All Characters

How to Get Brawlers

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes - Brawl Stars.png
Obtain Brawlers by opening Brawl Boxes. Low rarity Brawlers have a higher chance of appearing in Brawl Boxes compared to higher rarity Brawlers.

Your chances of getting a Brawler will increase each time a Brawl Box does not contain any Brawlers, and that is because of the Luck System. However, it will reset back to zero if you get a Brawler in a Brawl Box.
How to Get a Brawl Box

Buying from Shop

Items in Shop - Brawl Stars.jpg
There will be times that a random Brawler (depending on the rarity) will be available in the Shop. You can only get them by purchasing them using gems in the game.

To learn how to get gems in the game, visit this link below!
How to Get Gems

Trophy Road Reward: Free Brawlers

Trophy Road Brawler - Brawl Stars.jpg
You can get a free Brawler by reaching a specific number of Trophies. Earn Trophies by winning in battles and get Brawlers as rewards!

Trophy Brawler
10 Trophies Nita
60 Trophies Colt
250 Trophies Bull
500 Trophies Jessie
1000 Trophies Brock
2000 Trophies Dynamike
3000 Trophies Bo
4000 Trophies Tick
6000 Trophies 8-Bit
8000 Trophies Emz
10000 Trophies Stu

How to Get Trophies

Battle Pass Exclusive

Battle Pass Rewards - Brawl Stars.jpg
Get the exclusive battle pass and increase your tier level to get a Brawler. You can get the featured Brawler in the current battle pass at tier level 30.

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