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What is Power League?

This article is a guide on the Power League game mode in Brawl Stars. Learn the rules, league ranks, and all available rewards by reading on!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

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This article is a guide on the Power League game mode in Brawl Stars. Learn the rules, league ranks, and all available rewards by reading on!

Season 9 Update

Brawl Stars - Brawl Talk October 2021 - Season 9 Preview.jpg

Season 8 is almost ending, and the update for the next season of Power League is already here! You can look forward to new rewards and maps this season. Try to rank higher before the current season ends to save some time ranking up next season as your rank will decay!

Map Rotation

Bounty Maps

Dry SeasonDry Season Shooting StarShooting Star Layer CakeLayer Cake

Gem Grab Maps

Minecart MadnessMinecart Madness Ice FortIce Fort Hard Rock MineHard Rock Mine

Hot Zone Maps

Dueling BeetlesDueling Beetles SplitSplit Ring of FireRing of Fire

Brawl Ball Maps

Sunny SoccerSunny Soccer Sneaky FieldsSneaky Fields Backyard BowlBackyard Bowl

Heist Maps

Hot PotatoHot Potato Safe ZoneSafe Zone Pit StopPit Stop

Player Icons & New Unlockable Skin

Brawl Stars - Power League Season 9 - Player Icon.jpgPlayer Icon Win 30 rounds this season.
Director BuzzDirector Buzz Win 60 rounds this season to unlock, and purchase it for 25,000 Star Points.

Patch Notes - Once Upon a Brawl Update

Season 8 Update

Once Upon a Brarwl Season 8 - Brawl Stars.png
There are a few changes in Power League in Once Upon a Brawl update. You can get new player icons and skin will be available until this season ends.

Player Icons & New Unlockable Skin

Season 4 Player Icon Reward - Brawl Stars.pngPlayer Icon Win 15 matches this season.
Season 4 Gold Rank Icon Reward - Brawl Stars.pngGold Rank Icon Reach Gold I this season.
Season 4 Skin Reward - Brawl Stars.pngWizard Byron Win 30 matches this season to unlock, and purchase it for 25,000 Star Points.

August 2021 Updates

In-game Notes:

  • Removed Siege in the map rotation.
  • Map pool has been decreased from 4 to 3 maps per game mode.

What is Power League

Power League - Brawl Stars.png
Power League is a new competitive game mode that tests each player's skill in a Best of 3 format matches. You can either compete in a Solo Mode or Team Mode in Power League. Earn Star Points as rewards based on the highest rank you got at the end of each season!

There are two modes players can select when playing in Power League. Each mode has its rank and progression, so it is advisable to focus on one of them only to get into higher ranks faster!

Solo Mode You will be paired with 2 random players with the same rank, or at least 2 levels close to your rank.
Team Mode You will have to form a party of three first before you can start playing in Power League.

If you don't have any friends to play with on Team Mode, visit our Friend Request Board now and start making friends!
Friend Request Message Board

Ranks & Rewards

Rank Rewards Rank Rewards
Bronze 1 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 1 500 Star Points Diamond 2 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 2 10000 Star Points
Bronze 2 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 2 1000 Star Points Diamond 3 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 3 12500 Star Points
Bronze 3 - Brawl Stars.pngBronze 3 2000 Star Points Mythic 1 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 1 15000 Star Points
Silver 1 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 1 2500 Star Points Mythic 2 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 2 17500 Star Points
Silver 2 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 2 3000 Star Points Mythic 3 - Brawl Stars.pngMythic 3 20000 Star Points
Silver 3 - Brawl Stars.pngSilver 3 3750 Star Points Legendary 1 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 1 25000 Star Points
Gold 1 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 1 4500 Star Points Legendary 2 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 2 30000 Star Points
Gold 2 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 2 5500 Star Points Legendary 3 - Brawl Stars.pngLegendary 3 40000 Star Points
Gold 3 - Brawl Stars.pngGold 3 7700 Star Points Master - Brawl Stars.pngMaster 50000 Star Points
Diamond 1 - Brawl Stars.pngDiamond 1 8750 Star Points

Rank Decay

You will drop down a rank depending on the highest rank you got in the Power League. Refer to the list below.

Rank Decay
Bronze No Decay
Silver No Decay
Gold -1 Rank
Diamond -1 Rank
Mythic -2 Rank
Legendary -2 Rank
Master -3 Rank

Map Rotation

Bounty Maps

Dry SeasonDry Season Layer CakeLayer Cake HideoutHideout

Gem Grab Maps

UndermineUndermine Crystal ArcadeCrystal Arcade Hard Rock MineHard Rock Mine

Hot Zone Maps

Dueling BeetlesDueling Beetles Parallel PlaysParallel Plays Ring of FireRing of Fire

Brawl Ball Maps

Super StadiumSuper Stadium Backyard BowlBackyard Bowl Pinball DreamsPinball Dreams

Heist Maps

Hot PotatoHot Potato Pit StopPit Stop Bridge Too FarBridge Too Far

Rules & How to Play



  • You need 4,500 total trophies to unlock Power League.
  • Solo and Team Mode has separate rank and progression from each other.
  • All players can play Power League anytime without limit.
  • Power League's duration is the same with the Brawl Pass.

League Rank & Progression

  • Each time you win a Power League match, your rank bar will increase until it reaches the next rank. You will receive more points when you win against higher rank opponents.
  • Your starting rank in Power League will be based on the highest Power Play Trophies you achieved before the Power League Update.
  • Your Power League rank will decay after the season ends.
  • Top 500 players need to play at least one Power League match a week in order to retain their current rank in the season.

Matchmaking & Battle

  • In Solo Mode, your opponents and teammates will be as close as your current rank.
  • In Team Mode, you will be matched against a team based on whoever has the highest rank in the party.
  • The match format will be Best of 3. The first team who gets two wins will win.
  • Losing connection or quitting in the middle of a match may result in a ban. You won't be able to play Power League for awhile if that happens.
  • Each team has a Captain. The Captain in Solo Mode is the one who has the highest progression in Power League while in Team mode, the Captain will be the leader of the party.
  • You can't pick the same brawler as your opponent or teammate.

How to play

No. Phase Description
1 Map Selection Once you tap on the Play button in Power League, the game will automatically select a map. It will be a random map, so being familiar with all of them will give you the upper hand in battle.
2 Coin Flip There will be a coin flip to know which team will be picking the first Brawler and the last Brawler in the match after the map selection.
3 Banning The Brawler selection will start with a Banning Phase. Each team can only ban one Brawler, and only the Team Captain can do it.
4 Picking The team that won the Coin Flip will be the first one to select a Brawler once the Banning Phase is complete. Each team will take turns picking, and the Captain on the other team will be the one who will choose the last Brawler.
6 Final Preparation Both teams will get a few seconds to select their desired Gadget or Star Power in the Final Preparation phase. The game will start once the Final Preparation Phase is over.

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