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Where to Farm Shard of Farosh's Horns: Locations and Prices

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Farm Shard of Farosh's Horn at Riola Spring in the Faron Region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to learn where to farm Shard of Farosh's Horn, how to get a Shard of Farosh's Horn, its farming location, as well as its prices and uses.

Where to Farm Shard of Farosh's Horn

Riola Spring - Faron Region

# How to Farm Farosh's Horns
1 BOTW Wood
Get lots of wood and flint.

Before farming Farosh's Horn, we recommend stocking up on wood and flint first. This way, you can sit by a fire and pass time while waiting for Farosh to spawn from Riola Spring.

Alternatively, you can also use any fire-based weapon to light up the campfire if you don't have a lot of flint.
2 BOTW Bows and Arrows
Make sure you have a durable bow and enough arrows.

Next, you need to make sure that you have a bow and enough arrows to shoot Farosh's horn with.

We recommend bows that can travel long distances like the Golden Bow and Phrenic Bow so you can aim at Farosh's Horn easily.

As for arrows, you can talk to Beedle at any stable and buy arrows from him.
3 BOTW Shoda Sah Shrine
Fast travel to Shoda Sah Shrine.

Once you have a bow, enough arrows, flint, and wood, fast travel to Shoda Sah Shrine.
Travel north to reach Riola Spring.

Exit the cave where Shoda Sah Shrine is, then travel north until you've reached Riola Spring.

The mountain you have to scale to reach the spring is tall, so having a lot of stamina will help.

Alternatively, you can equip the Zora Armor so you can swim upward from the base of the big waterfall and reach Riola Spring quickly.
5 BOTW Riola Spring Cave
Set up camp at the small cave north of the spring.

Once you've reached the spring, continue north until you see a small cave. Set up camp here, making sure that it is safe from the rain.
6 BOTW Campfire
Sit by the campfire until morning and wait for Farosh to spawn.

Once your camp is all set up, sit by the campfire until morning and wait for Farosh to spawn.
Shoot Farosh's Horns with a bow and arrow.

Once Farosh emerges from Riola Spring, glide through the updraft it creates, then enter bullet time and shoot its horns with a bow and arrow.

A Shard of Farosh's Horn will drop somwehere near Riola Spring. Follow the glow it creates and pick it up. Repeat steps 1 to 7 until you have your desired amount of Shards of Farosh's Horn.

Alternatively, you can also let all the shards you've collected pile up before picking them all up.

Shard of Farosh's Horn Uses

Armor Upgrades

Armor Shard of Farosh's Horn Needed
BOTWBarbarian Armor Barbarian Armor x1 Shard of Farosh's Horn
BOTWChampion Champion's Tunic x2 Shard of Farosh's Horn
BOTWCap of the Wild Cap of the Wild x2 Shard of Farosh's Horn
BOTWFierce Deity Boots Fierce Deity Boots x1 Shard of Farosh's Horn

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Legend of Zelda BOTW Mighty Fish Skewer

You can add a Shard of Farosh's Horn to the dishes and elixir you're cooking to extend the duration of their effects to 30 minutes. This is very useful when you're cooking dishes and elixirs that will give you buffs like more attack power or defenses.

How to Cook Food

Sell It for Rupees

Item Price
Shard of Farosh's Horn 300

You can also sell a Shard of Farosh's Horn to any merchant for 300 Rupees.

This is the best way to get Rupees fast since they're relatively easy to farm.

How to Get Rupees Fast

Shard of Farosh's Horn Overview

Shard of Naydra's Horn
Shard of Naydra
Item Type Spoils
This shard chipped and fell off the blue spirit Naydra. It's said the horn is the crystallized power of ice itself. It sells for quite a bit, but rumors say it has some other use.

Shard of Naydra's Horn Effects

Heart Recovery None
Cooking Effect Extends duration of buffs to 30 minutes.

Shard of Naydra's Horn Buy Prices

Buy Price - / -

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