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Welcome to Game8's Sand Land Wiki and Walkthrough Guide. Here you can find Game8's Sand Land wiki, a complete story walkthrough, tips and tricks, vehicles, vehicle parts, bosses, quests, news and updates, and everything you need to learn about Sand Land!

Sand Land
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Sand Land Walkthrough

Sand Land - Story Walkthrough

Complete Story Walkthrough

No. Quest
1 Water Delivery!
2 Hitting the Road
3 Head to the Legendary Spring
4 Get Food and Water in Town
5 A Tank? Sign Me Up!
6 Need a Lift, Ann?
7 Tank Repairs
8 A Jump-bot?! Gimme!
9 The East Valley
10 Speaking the Truth
11 Headin' South!
12 The Legendary Spring
13 Royal Secrets No More
14 Water to the World!
15 Delivery for the Picchi
16 Surveying the Big Dam
17 Taking Ann Home
18 Rao's Suspicions
19 Aquanium Recovery
20 To Forest Land!
21 Rescue Mission!
22 Sunken Battleship
23 A Man of Chivalry
24 On the Brink
25 Taking Back the King
26 To Trikke, Pronto!
27 Joining Forces
28 Counteroffensive!
29 A Royal Rescue
30 The Two Kings
31 The Flying Fortress Garam

Sand Land Side Quests

Sand Land - Side Quests partial

List of Side Quests

Side Quests
1 - Task from Mayor Tor 2 - Desert Soldier
3 - Lost Peddler 4 - Car Part Scavenge
5 - Gifted Flowers 6 - Dispirited Diamond
7 - Suspicious Cave 8 - Slacker Junker
9 - Tinkerer Siblings 10 - Mysterious Voice
11 - Tiny Bandits 12 - Light on the Hilltop
13 - Saving Sis 14 - Payment in Paint
15 - EX Chip Hunt 16 - Vow of Family
17 - All for the Hopper 18 - Top Time Triumph
19 - From Lifeless to Lush 20 - AWOL Tinkerer
21 - Product Plenitude 22 - Operation Bororo
23 - Well, Well, Well... 24 - Fortune Teller's Fate
25 - A Girl's Gratitude 26 - Face Your Fears
27 - Town Waterwheel 28 - Build a Zip Line!
29 - Cave Cobra Cull 30 - Sand Land Santa
31 - Brothers' Oath 32 - Treasure Trek
33 - Retired Racer 34 - Furniture Favor
35 - Mushroom Dye 36 - Exquisite Cuisine
37 - New Battle-bot Frame 38 - Top-Secret Mission
39 - Prince of Racing 40 - Serious Settler
41 - Missing Supplier 42 - Finding Dad
43 - A Greener Spino 43 - First Bud Burgeons
45 - Get That Geji 46 - A Playful Find
47 - Bororo Boy 47 - Junk Millionaire
49 - Build More Zip Lines! 50 - Picchi Furniture
51 - Bee Busters 52 - Music Heals the Soul
53 - Long-Lost Friend 54 - Punk Painters
55 - Tank of Legend 56 - Hungry Hearts
57 - A Strange Request 58 - Halvar's Conundrum
59 - Quality Aracian Rug 60 - Lover's Message
61 - Belz's Disciple 62 - Trio Trouble
63 - Heroic Saga 64 - Esteemed Architect
65 - Another Name 66 - Fateful Face-Off
67 - Thief to the Rescue 68 - Searching Amidst Fog
69 - Mystery Monster 70 - Trial of Treasure
71 - Game of Patience 72 - Bottle Land
73 - A Real Family 74 - Cry for Help
75 - Rosetta's Dilemma 76 - Radio in Spino
77 - Terrier's Song 78 - Anthem for All

Sand Land Recommended Guides

SAND LAND - Recommended Guides Partial

Tips and Tricks

Collectibles and Unlockables Guides
Blueprint Locations Lost Property Locations
All Spino Town Upgrades and How to Unlock -
General Tips and Tricks
Best Settings for PC and Console List of Controls and How to Change
Beginner's Guide: 11 Tips and Tricks How to Claim Pre-Order and Demo Bonuses
Money Farming Guide: How to Get Zeni Fast EXP Farming Guide: How to Level Up Fast
Difficulty Settings: Is There a Difficulty Trophy? List of Enemy Drops
How Long to Beat? Best Skills
Best Vehicles Best Crafting Materials
How to Farm Special Parts -
Combat and Action Guides
How to Heal and Repair Vehicles How to Lock on to Enemies
List of All Special Skills: How to Use Special Skills How to Dodge
How to Break Walls How to Cross Gaps
Stealth Guide -
Game Mechanics Guides
Vehicle Customization Explained Room Customization Explained
What is Attack Interval? How to Unlock EX Chip Slots
How to Use Nitro When Do Enemies and Items Respawn?
How to Use Modding Kits -
Story Events Guides
Negotiate or Pay Up? Junker For Choice -

Sand Land Vehicles

Sand Land - Vehicles

List of Vehicles

All Vehicles

List of Vehicles
Sand Land - Battle Armor IconBattle Armor Sand Land - Battle Bot IconBattle Bot Sand Land - Battle Tank IconBattle Tank Sand Land - Car IconCar
Sand Land - Dirt Buggy IconDirt Buggy Sand Land - Hopper IconHopper Sand Land - Hover Tank IconHover Tank Sand Land - Hovercar IconHovercar
Sand Land - Hoverjet IconHoverjet Sand Land - Hoverscooter IconHoverscooter Sand Land - Jump-Bot IconJump-Bot Sand Land - Motorbike IconMotorbike
Sand Land - Raptor IconRaptor Sand Land - Uniride IconUniride

Sand Land Characters

Sand Land - Characters

List of All Characters

Playable Characters

Playable Characters
SAND LAND - Beelzebub IconBeelzebub SAND LAND - Sheriff Rao IconSheriff Rao SAND LAND - Thief IconThief SAND LAND - Ann IconAnn

Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters
SAND LAND - General Are IconGeneral Are SAND LAND - General Krowa IconGeneral Krowa SAND LAND - General Epi IconGeneral Epi SAND LAND - General Rosetta IconGeneral Rosetta
SAND LAND - Supreme Commander Zeu IconCommander Zeu SAND LAND - Muniel IconMuniel SAND LAND - Bred IconBren SAND LAND - Lucifer IconLucifer

Sand Land Maps

Sand Land - Maps Partial Banner

Interactive Map: All Regions and Locations

Map Guides

List of All Map Guides
All Radio Tower Locations All Races and Rewards
All Water Supply Point Locations How to Get to the Skoan Region
All Grotto Locations and Rewards All Hill Locations and Rewards
All Landmarks Battle Arena Location and Rewards
All Camp Locations: What Does Camping Do? How to Get to W. Frontier Radio Tower
How to Get to Cascade Radio Tower All Boss Locations and Drops
General Shiva Location and Trophy Guide Guardian of Nahn Location
Guardian of Rohti Location Guardian of Chapa Location
All Fast Travel Points -

Sand Land Vehicle Parts

Sand Land - Vehicle Parts
List of All Vehicle Parts

All Vehicle Parts

All Vehicle Parts
Sand Land - Battle Tank IconBattle Tank Parts Sand Land - Jump-Bot IconJump-Bot Parts Sand Land - Motorbike IconMotorbike Parts Sand Land - Car IconCar Parts
Sand Land - Hovercar IconHovercar Parts Sand Land - Hopper IconHopper Parts Sand Land - Dirt Buggy IconDirt Buggy Parts Sand Land - Battle Armor IconBattle Armor Parts
Sand Land - Uniride IconUniride Parts Sand Land - Hoverjet IconHoverjet Parts Sand Land - Hover Scooter IconHover Scooter Parts Sand Land - Battle-Bot IconBattle-Bot Parts
Sand Land - Hover Tank IconHover Tank Parts - - -

All Vehicle Part Types

Vehicle Part Types
Sand Land - Primary Weapon IconPrimary Weapons Sand Land - Secondary Weapon IconSecondary Weapons Sand Land - Engine IconEngine
Sand Land - Suspension IconSuspension Sand Land - Options IconOptional Mods EX Chip IconEX Chips

Sand Land Ruins

Sand Land - Ruins

List of All Ruins

All Ruins

List of All Ruins
Icharbe Ruins Joram Ruins
Licgar Ruins Hingu Ruins

Sand Land Crafting Materials

Sand Land - Crafting Materials

List of All Crafting Materials

All Crafting Materials

All Crafting Materials
Adhesive Alpha Raptor Scale Ancient Copper Coin Ancient Gold Coin
Ancient Silver Coin Antigrav Stone Assassin Scorpion Exoskeleton Assassin Scorpion Venom
B-Grade Bolt B-Grade Cable B-Grade Gear B-Grade Gunpowder
B-Grade Meter B-Grade Sensor B-Grade Spring B-Grade Steel
Battle Armor Frame Battle Bot Frame Battle Tank Frame Brilliant Blue Wing
Cactus Cactus Silk Car Frame Cave Cobra Scale
Cave Cobra Venom Clay Cobra Alloy Cobra Rubber
Croc Alloy Croc Grease Croc Steel Crocodile Hide
Crop Deluxe Desert Croc Oil Deluxe Honey Oil Deluxe Scorpion Alloy
Deluxe Scorpion Oil Desert Croc Oil Desert Crocodile Hide Desert Crocodile Oil
Dirt Buggy Frame Don Pterano Wing Dusky Pterano Wing Dye
Fabric Forest Raptor Scale Geji Dragon Spike Glass
Glittering Green Scale Gold Ore Gun Barrel Scrap Honey Oil
Hopper Frame Hover Tank Frame Hovercar Frame Hoverjet Frame
Hoverscooter Frame Iron Ore Jump-bot Frame Jungle Cobra Scale
Jungle Cobra Venom Killer Scorpion Exoskeleton Killer Scorpion Venom Large Launcher Scrap
Large Panther Fang Laser Canon Scrap Lead Ore Leather
Lumber Machine Gun Scrap Magnet Master Modding Kit
Motorbike Frame Niter Old Iron Ingot Omega Raptor Scale
Pale Pterano Wing Panther Alloy Panther Fang Part Modding Kit
Plant Matter Plastic Platinum Ore Premium Bolt
Premium Cable Premium Gear Premium Gunpowder Premium Meter
Premium Pterano Rubber Premium Sensor Premium Spring Premium Steel
Pterano Rubber Pterano Wing Puraptor Scale Quality Bolt
Quality Cobra Alloy Quality Croc Alloy Quality Gear Quality Gunpowder
Quality Meter Quality Pterano Rubber Quality Raptor Alloy Quality Sensor
Quality Spring Quality Steel Quartz Queen Scorpion Exoskeleton
Radiant Red Exoskeleton Raptor Alloy Raptor Scale Raptor Steel
Robotic Arm Scrap Rope Royal Bee Honey Scorpion Alloy
Scorpion Oil Shock-Absorbing Rubber Silica Stone Silver Ore
Small Launcher Scrap Soldier Bee Honey Special Cobra Rubber Special Pterano Rubber
Standard Bolt Standard Cable Standard Gear Standard Gunpowder
Standard Meter Standard Sensor Standard Spring Standard Steel
Stone Superhard Croctor Alloy Superhard Geji Alloy Superhard Panthator Alloy
Superhard Panther Alloy Superhard Scorptor Alloy Superhard Snaketor Alloy Titanium Ore
Ultra Modding Kit Uniride Frame Vegetable Oil

Sand Land Trophies

Sand Land - Trophies

Trophy Guide and List of Achievements

Sand Land Bounties

Sand Land - List of Bounties and Best Bounties

List of Bounties and Best Bounties to Complete

Sand Land Latest News

Sand Land - News & Updates

Latest News

Latest News

Global Release Times Confirmed!

Sand Land will officially be released on April 26, 2024, for Steam, (PC), PlayStation (PS4 / PS5) and Xbox (Series X | S). On console, the game will release at local midnight, while on PC, the launch time will be the same globally, at 6 PM EDT.

Sand Land Console Release Countdown (EDT)
Sand Land PC Release Countdown

Note that the console release time varies by region, so the console countdown above only applies for US Eastern Time. The PC countdown applies to all regions.

Release Time and Countdown

Sand Land Demo Is Out Now

Sand Land Beelzebub and Raptors

The demo for Sand Land is now out! Explore the Hotkae Region, and discover the ruins and inhabitants that dwell in it. You can also get a feel of how the vehicles work through your Battle Tank, Battle Armor, or Motorbike!

Sand Land Demo Guide: Does Demo Progress Carry Over?

Catch Sand Land on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation

Sand Land on PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation

Sand Land is available to play on most consoles including the Xbox Series X, Steam (PC), PS4, and PS5.

Unfortunately, the game isn't available on subscription services like Game Pass or PlaySation Plus, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Available Platforms and Consoles

Pre-Order Now to Get the Survivalist Camo Pack

Sand Land Survivalist Camo Pack

Pre-order any edition of the game to get the Survivalist Camo Pack — a custom vehicle color that can be applied to all customizable vehicles in the game!

All Preorder Bonuses and Preorder Guide

All Edition Comparisons

Content Standard Deluxe Collector's
Survivalist Camo Pack
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Base Game ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Speed Demon Pack
(6 Consumables and Tank Weapons)
✔️ ✔️
Beelzebub Decal Set
(5 Tank Stickers)
✔️ ✔️
My Room Furniture Set: Army Base ✔️ ✔️
My Room Furniture Set: Hideout ✔️ ✔️
Beelzebub Customizable Figurine ✔️
Postcards Set ✔️
Steelbook ✔️

Check out which Sand Land edition you like the best. Get the Deluxe Edition for exciting bonuses or the Collector's Edition to snag exclusive collector items!

All Game Edition Differences

About Sand Land

Sand Land Banner
Release Date April 26, 2024 (Worldwide)
April 25, 2024 (Japan)
Full Title Sand Land
Developer © ILCA
Price Standard Edition: $59.99
Deluxe Edition: $69.99
Collector's Edition: $139.99
Genre Action RPG
Platforms ・Steam Key (PC)
・Xbos Series X
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account

Based on a Manga Written and Illustrated By Akira Toriyama

Sand Land Anime Trailer

Sand Land is based on a book written and illustrated by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

It follows the story of an unlikely friendship between two demons and a human, and their journey to find a spring that will provide water for everyone living in Sand Land.

Open World Action RPG

Sand Land Beelzebub, Sheriff Rao, and Thief

Sand Land is an open world action RPG set in a large desolate desert which you're free to explore to your heart's content.

Play as Beelzebub and work together with Sheriff Rao and Thief as you journey across the desert in search of the legendary spring.

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