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A list of all dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Walkthroughs, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations for all Shrines, Divine Beasts, and other Dungeons!

List of Dungeons


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There are a total of 120 shrines in BotW, which essentially serve as mini-dungeons, each with a puzzle or challenge of its own. With the exception of the first few that must be cleared in order to leave the Great Plateau, they are technically optional, although clearing them allow you to collect Spirit Orbs, which can be traded for hearts or extra stamina.

A total of 120 shrines exist in the base game, and clearing them all offers you a very special prize. Additionally, another 16 shrines exist in the DLC.

Completing all 120 shrines will allow Link to obtain the Hero of the Wild armor set, a green tunic that is reminiscent of Link's traditional garb.

Shrines Map and All Shrine Locations

Divine Beasts

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Divine Beasts fill the role usually held by temples or dungeons in other Zelda games. They are large scale dungeons with several puzzles, often based around some kind of gimmick or theme. Each one of these is complete with a boss fight at the end.

There are a total of four of these in total, and clearing each one is a main quest, although they too can technically be skipped. However, skipping them will make the final boss very hard, and completing each Divine Beast allows you to gain a divine gift from a champion, which gives you another ability.

Divine Beasts

Hyrule Castle

The final dungeon of the game. Taken over by Calamity Ganon, Link's journey revolves around regaining his power so that he can make his way to Hyrule Castle and reclaim it from Ganon.

The area is huge, with several rooms and passages, and many of the enemies fought here will be rather tough.

How to Get Through Hyrule Castle

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