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This guide will show you how to tame wild horses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the best methods to catch a wild horse, and find out how to make it your own!

How to Tame a Wild Horse

Wild Horse Stats

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Riding wild horses is one of the best ways to travel across Hyrule. Each horse has different stats (which can be checked after bringing the horse to a stable), making it easier for players to find a horse suited for them. Most of the wild horses can be found on flat terrains or grassy areas.

Taming a Horse

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To tame a horse, first approach a wild horse and ride it by pressing the A button to mount it, then calm it by repeatedly tapping the L button until it stops fighting back.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for taming a wild horse:

  • Step 1: Look for a wild horse to tame.
  • Step 2: Ride the horse you picked by pressing the A button.
  • Step 3: Tame it by pressing L button repeatedly. Take note that you will constantly lose stamina while trying to tame a horse.

All wild horses can be tamed, and afterward, you can register them at a Stable for easy access! Once a horse has been registered in a stable, you can pick it up from any stable in Hyrule.

Tips for Taming Wild Horses

Sneak Up From Behind

Sneak from behind.jpg
The most basic way to tame a horse is to sneak behind them. To sneak up on a wild horse, crouch by pressing the Left Stick, and slowly approach the horse. If you are quiet enough, you may be able to approach and mount the horse without having to run, allowing you to save your stamina for the taming process.

Ride it From Above

Tame horse from above.jpg
One effective method to tame a horse is to land on it from above using your Glider. You should note that gliding consumes a great deal of stamina, so it may be harder to tame the horse after mounting it. Typically, you should do this method if your stamina is already maxed out!

Stock Up on Extra Stamina

Stamina Elixir.jpg
Drink Stamina Elixirs, or eat food that overfills your Stamina Wheel before taming a horse. It will be very useful, especially on the Giant Horse, since it requires more stamina than the regular-sized horses.

Best Horses in the Game


Link's trusty steed, obtainable only by using the Twilight Princess Link or Super Smash Brothers Link amiibo. Unlike other amiibo rewards, Epona will always come the first time scanning this amiibo. Just be sure to register her in the stable, or she may not appear again for awhile!

Epona's stats are balanced, and you won't have to do anything hard to tame her, so we definitely recommend picking her up if possible.

Epona Stats

Strength ★★★★☆
Speed ★★★★☆
Stamina ★★★★☆

Royal White Horse

Royal White Horse.jpg
This purely white horse is excellent to use when traveling in Hyrule, as it has the highest stamina of all horses. This horse is the end reward of the side quest 'The Royal White Stallion'.

Royal White Horse Stats

Strength ★★★★☆
Speed ★★★☆☆
Stamina ★★★★★

Giant Horse

Giant Horse.jpg
Giant Horses are slow but have a ton of strength. It is the best horse to use in a horseback battle! You'll need to tame it in the side quest 'Hunt for the Giant Horse'.

Giant Horse Stats

Strength ★★★★★
Speed ★★☆☆☆
Stamina -

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