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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - EXP Farming Guide
Zack levels up from 777 spins on the DMW in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Find out the best places to farm levels, how to exploit the DMW gauge to land on 777 more often, and the fastest way to level Zack up to 99!

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Fastest Way to Level Up Zack to 99

Farm Scissor Chitins at M8-6-4

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Level Farming

You can farm your way to this Mission from Chapter 3!

Assuming that your level is around mid-30 to 40+, you can farm Scissor Chitins via random encounters to gain massive amounts of EXP and reach level 99 fast. The earliest Mission you can face these foes is on M8-6-4: S.O.S?.

Note that while leveling up is randomized, you can influence the DMW rolls to land on 777s more often by simply gathering excessive EXP, forcing the 777 rolls to catch up.

Equip Magic Absorbing Accessories

Accessory Effect
Bolt Armlet Bolt Armlet Recovers HP when hit with Lightning Attacks. Increases max MP by 30%
Wizard Bracelet Wizard Bracelet Recovers HP when hit by Fire, Ice, or Lightning Attacks. Increases max MP by 60%. Increases Vitality by 5 and Spirit by 25.
Force of Nature Force of Nature Adds Fire, Ice, and Lightning Elements to attacks and certain skills. Recovers HP when hit by Fire, Ice, or Lightning Attacks. Increases Max MP by 100%. Increases Attack, Vitality, Magic, and Spirit by 10.

If you're having a hard time fighting Scissor Chitins, consider equipping the following items in order to absorb its Electric attacks. This way, you will be able to recover lost HP from its physical attacks.

M8-6-4: S.O.S.?
Rewards and Unlock Condition

Use the Cursed Ring Trick During Level Farming

Accessory Effect
Cursed Ring Cursed Ring Increases max HP, MP, and AP by 10%. Increases all stats by 10. Wearer is always cursed.

Additionally, you can widen the gap between your level versus the EXP you've gained from farming in order to increase the odds of 777 rolls further by equipping the Cursed Ring accessory. Equipping this will give Zack the Cursed status effect and stop the DMW from rolling.

After farming, unequip the accessory and continue battling, allowing the 777 DMW rolls to catch up.

Best EXP Farming Spots

Beat M1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Shinra Troops

Alternatively, for those who are looking to farm EXP efficiently, we also recommend grinding M1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops. Although the EXP gain per enemy is low, the cumulative EXP gained is high.

Furthermore, M1-1-6 is relatively easy to clear as you do not need to traverse the map in order to complete any objectives. It is a simple matter of beating enemies that spawn until you've reached the target amount.

If you find that you are still struggling with clearing 1000 Shinra Troops, consider grinding M1-1-5: 200 Shinra Troops instead until you're strong enough to beat 1000 troops. Beating 200 troops plays out similarly to the 1000 troops, with the only significant difference being the amount of enemies you need to defeat.

Recommended Equipment for EXP Farming

What to Bring How to Use
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - EtherEther Used for recovering Zack's MP. Bring as many as possible.
Quake Quake The large area of effect makes Quake an ideal Materia for dealing with groups of enemies.
Lucky Stars Lucky Stars Increases the probability of spinning matching DMW rolls. Making leveling Materia easier.
Item Mugger Item Mugger
Moogle Power Moogle Power
Allows for the simultaneous farming of gil while grinding EXP.
Optimizes the leveling of Materia while grinding for EXP.
Hell Blizzaga Hell Blizzaga
Status Ward Status Ward
This combo offers protection from the wide variety of status ailments Shinra soldiers will try to inflict on Zack.

Having this selection of equips are ideal in order to take advantage of fighting multiple foes all while gaining EXP.

Best Materia and How to Get Them

How to Level Up Zack

Roll a 777 on the DMW

Crisis Core has an invisible EXP counter. EXP is earned by defeating enemies, and it is not the same as SP (Soldier Points).

When you have reached the EXP threshold for the next level, the DMW gains a chance to roll a 777 spin which will level up Zack.

How to Increase Chances of Rolling 777

After EXP Farming DMW Catching Up

Lv. 42 after EXP farming

Lv. 45 once DMW caught up

3-level increase after 4 minutes of combat.

Reaching the EXP threshold does not guarantee that the DMW will get a 777 spin and that Zack will level up immediately, only that there is a chance it will happen.

However, the higher the difference between your current level and the level you have enough EXP for, the higher your chance to Level Up.

By using our recommended farming spots, Zack will be able to gather excessive EXP that the DMW will force itself to land on 777 in order to catch up.

How to Level Up Zack

How to Level Up Materia

Match 2 Numbers from 1-6 on the DMW

Materia level up when 2 or more numbers from 1-6 align on the DMW.

These numbers correspond with the way your equipped Materia are positioned. If the number 1 aligns on the DMW, the Materia at the top of your column will level up. If the number 2 aligns on the DMW, then the second Materia on your column will level up. So on, and so forth.

Roll Moogle Power to Level Up Materia

DMW Effect
Moogle Power Raises the level of all equipped materia and casts Regen on Zack. The amount of level increase is the same as the level of Moogle Power.

By rolling all Moogles on the DMW, all of Zack's Materia will level up. This is best used when you have no Materia equipped that are maxed out.

How to Level Up Materia

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