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Welcome to Game8's wiki and complete strategy guide for Sea of Thieves. Our guides will feature everything you need to know about Sea of Thives including walkthroughs for all the Tall Tales and info on its quests, locations, world events, beginner guides, and latest news.

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Sea of Thieves Latest News

PS5 Version and Season 12 Now Available!

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All PS5 Editions Do You Need PS Plus?

Sea of Thieves has now officially launched for the Playstation 5 (PS5) and will be available to play as of April 30, 2024. The standard, deluxe, and premium editions are now available to purchase and play for the PS5.

SoT PS5 Release Date and Countdown

Season 12 is Now Live for All Platforms!

Sea of Thieves - Season 12

Sea of Thieves Season 12 makes its debut alongside the PS5 release, introducing 2 new weapons, new equipment, new cosmetics, a new renown reward track and plunder pass, as well as new mechanics to the game!

Season 12 Release Date and Roadmap

All Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Game Info

Sea of Thieves Tips and Tricks

Sea of Thieves - Tips and Tricks Partial

Beginner's Guide to Sea of Thieves

All Tips and Tricks Guides

Getting Started in Sea of Thieves
High Seas vs. Safer Seas Best Keybinds & Settings
How to Sail Your Ship and All Ship Types How to Return to Your Ship
How to Repair Your Ship How to Get Quests
How to Unlock Tall Tales How to Create and Customize Character
How to Join a Random Crew How to Save Your Game
General Tips and Tricks
How to Sword Lunge How to Become a Pirate Legend
Best Ways to Farm Gold How to Buy a Ship
How to Get Ashen Keys How to Get Ashen Chests
How to Raise Trading Company Reputation How to Catch Fish
How to Use Instruments and Play Shanties How to Get Ancient Coins
Can You Play in 3rd Person? How to Get the Dark Warsmith Set
Season 12 Content
Horn of Fair Winds Bone Caller
Double Barrel Pistol Throwing Knife
Multiplayer Guides
How to Join a Party and Invite Friends How to Enable and Use Voice Chat
How to Kick Players and Use the Brig How to Start a Player Alliance

Sea of Thieves Tall Tales

Sea of Thieves - Tall Tales Partial

List of All Tall Tales

All Tall Tales

Maiden Voyage
1 Maiden Voyage
Shores of Gold
1 The Shroudbreaker
2 The Cursed Rogue
3 The Legendary Storyteller
4 Stars of a Thief
5 Wild Rose
6 The Art of the Trickster
7 The Fate of the Morningstar
8 Revenge of the Morningstar
9 Shores of Gold
Ashen Age
1 The Seabound Soul
2 Heart of Fire
A Pirate's Life
1 A Pirate's Life
2 The Sunken Pearl
3 Captains of the Damned
4 Dark Brethren
5 Lords of the Sea
The Legend of Monkey Island
1 The Journey to Melee Island
2 The Quest for Guybrush
3 The Lair of LeChuck

Sea of Thieves Trading Companies

Sea of Thieves - Trading Companies

List of All Trading Companies

All Trading Companies

Sea of Thieves Trading Companies
Gold Hoarders Order of Souls
Merchant Alliance Hunter's Call
Reaper's Bones Athena's Fortune
Bilge Rats

Sea of Thieves World Events

Sea of Thieves - World Events and Encounters

All World Events and Encounters

World Events and Encounters

All World Events
Ashen Winds Fort of Fortune
Ghost Fleet Skeleton Fleet
Skeleton Fort -
All Encounters
Kraken Megalodon
Skeleton Ship -

Sea of Thieves Commendations

Sea of Thieves - Commendations

How to Get All Commendations

Sea of Thieves Game Info

Sea of Thieves Game Info
Price $39.99 (Standard)
$49.99 (Digital Deluxe)
$59.99 (Premium)
Platforms PS5, PC, Xbox
Genre Action, Adventure
Developer Rare Limited
Publisher Xbox Game Studios
Official Site Sea of Thieves (EN)

Open World Pirate Adventure Game

Sea of Thieves - Open World

Sea of Thieves is a massive open world game where you play as pirate looking for adventure and treasure in the open seas. Play as a solo or gather your crew and explore all 74 islands in the game in search of pirate legends, buried treasure, or mythical foes.

Tall Tales Offer Story-Rich Experiences

Sea of Thieves - Tall Tales

Despite mostly being an online multiplayer game, Sea of Thieves offers rich, story-driven content in the form of Tall Tales. Embark on these long and epic voyages that allow you to learn more about the mysterious, Sea of Thieves, and the legendary pirate treasure hidden away in its many islands.

Online Multiplayer PvP and PvE

Sea of Thieves - PvP and PvE

If you're looking to test your mettle against real players, you can opt to sail the High Seas where you'll be dropped into a server with 4 other player ships. In this game mode, you'll have the option to explore and secure treasure, or fight and steal loot from other players on the server.

However, if you're looking for a much more relaxed gaming session, Sea of Thieves also offers the Safer Seas PvE game mode where you and your crew can explore the seas freely without having to worry about other players ganking you.

Hundreds of Achievements to Earn

Sea of Thieves - Pirate Legend

Build your pirate's story and get exclusive cosmetics by simply playing the game. In Sea of Thieves, there are hundreds of commendations and achievements for you to earn, each granting you different rewards as you climb the ranks to become a Pirate Legend.

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