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Breath of the Wild (BotW) The Serpent

This is a guide to the Shrine Quest, The Serpent's Jaws, in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start The Serpent's Jaws and all quest rewards.

How to Start The Serpent's Jaws

The Serpent's Jaws Location

Quest Giver Kass
Location Pagos Woods

The Serpent's Jaws Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Cass

Objectives Guide
Talk to Cass
Head to bridge east of Pagos Woods.

Talk to Kass and listen to his song, which hints as to where a shrine might be.

"Where the forest dragon splays its jaws / A shrine sleeps with noble cause."

Head to Dracozu Lake

Head to Dracozu Lake
Follow the path to *Dracozu Lake and look for the Spring of Courage.
Look for the Goddess Statue
Pray to the Goddess Statue inside, and it will ask for a Farosh's Scale

*Lizalfos armed with Electric arrows and a Black Molbin will be waiting for you at Dracozu Lake.

If available to you, put on the Stealth Set or consume Stealth food or elixirs to evade the monsters.

Get Farosh's Scale


Find Farosh
You can easily find Farosh at Lake Hylia or Lake Floria.

Farosh will spawn at the start of morning or evening. Use a bonfire to skip time.
Shoot an Arrow at Farosh
Farosh will create an updraft that will allow you to float upwards with your paraglider.

Once in the air, enter bullet time and *shoot an arrow at Farosh.

Once complete, the spot where you hit Farosh will glow and fall to the ground. Follow its beam to retrieve the scale.

*To retrieve a scale, you must shoot at any part of its body except its horn and claws.

Shooting at its horn and claw will result to a different material drop.

Head Back to the Goddess Statue

Head back to Goddess Statue
Once you have the scale, head back to the Spring of Courage.

Go to your inventory and drop the scale in front of the statue to unlock the shrine.

The Serpent's Jaws Quest Rewards

BotW - The Serpent

Clearing this quest will unlock the Shae Katha Shrine.

Adventure Log Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for The Serpent's Jaws.

Entry Entry Text
Quest Clear "Offer Farosh's scale received from the golden spirit to the Spring of Courage."

Just as the Goddess instructed, you threw Farosh's scale into the Spring of Courage. A shrine appeared as a result!

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