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This is a guide to getting the Climbing Outfit in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to see where to get the Climber's Bandana, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots.

Climbing Outfit Set Pieces

Set Pieces

Climbing Set
Headgear (Cap) Armor (Tunic) Greaves (Boots)
ClimberClimber's Bandanna
Climbing Gear Icon
Climbing Gear
Climbing Boots IconClimbing Boots

In-Game Description

ClimberClimber's Bandanna It may look like a regular bandanna, but it's actually infused with ancient technology that enhances core strength. This bandanna is coveted by mountain climbers.
Climbing Gear Icon
Climbing Gear
The ancient technology in this gear is specially tailored to climbers. The gloves looks perfectly normal, but the no-slip coating helps with efficient energy usage.
Climbing Boots IconClimbing Boots These rock-climbing boots have special no-slip toes. The wearer can walk on otherwise challenging surfaces with complete confidence.

How to Get the Climbing Set

How to Get the Climber's Bandanna

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the challenge: Mountain Rescue

List of Challenges

How to Get the Climbing Gear

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the quest: The Hope of Necluda.

The Hope of Necluda Information

Quest Unlock Condition
Clear the Battle: Akkala Tower
How to Complete
Clear 100% of Quests in the Necluda Region.
Fortified Pumpkin IconFortified Pumpkin x50
Climbing Gear Icon
Climbing Gear

List of Quests and Rewards

How to Get the Climbing Boots

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the quest: Perils of Mount Hylia.

Perils of Mount Hylia Information

How to Unlock
Clear the Battle: The Great Plateau
King Rhoam: Bonus Combo
Climbing Boots
Required Materials
Fire Keese Wing IconFire Keese Wing
Wizzrobe Trophy IconWizzrobe Trophy
Warm Safflina IconWarm Safflina
Spicy Pepper IconSpicy Pepper
Red Lizalfos Tail IconRed Lizalfos Tail

List of Quests and Rewards

All Age of Calamity Outfits

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Outfit Sets

List of All Outfit Sets

Outfit Sets
Hylian Set
Hylian Outfit
Soldier Set
Soldier's Outfit
Snowquill Set
Snowquill Outfit
Desert Voe Set
Desert Voe Outfit
Gerudo Set
Gerudo Outfit
Rubber Set
Rubber Outfit
Flamebreaker Set
Flamebreaker Outfit
Zora Set
Zora Outfit
Stealth Set
Stealth Outfit
Climbing Set
Climbing Outfit
Barbarian Set
Barbarian Outfit
Radiant Set
Radiant Outfit
Dark Link Set
Dark Link Outfit
Hero of the Wild
Hero of the Wild Outfit
Hyrule Warrior
Hyrule Warrior's Outfit
Royal Guard Set
Royal Guard Outfit
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