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Final Fantasy X Great Malboro stats and location

An article containing information about the fiend Great Malboro in the game Final Fantasy X (FF X, FF 10). This page details all the stats, location, drops, steals, and more!

Great Malboro Information

Basic Information

Great Malboro is a fiend in Final Fantasy X.Great Malboro is found in Omega Dungeon as a random enemy counter.

HP (Overkill) MP
64000 (13560) 1
AP (Overkill) Gil
21000 (31500) 1900
Drop (7/8) Drop (1/8)
Mana Sphere 1 (2) Mana Sphere 1 (2)
Steal (3/4) Steal (1/4)
Remedy 1 Mana Tonic 1
Wings to Discovery X 8
Bad Breath Bile

Great Malboro Stats

Strength 36 Agility 18
Defense 1 Luck 15
Magic 42 Evasion 0
Magic Defense 1 Accuracy 0

Great Malboro Elemental Resistances

Elemental Resistance

Great Malboro Status Resistances

Sleep Silence Darkness
Poison Petrify Slow
Zombie Power Break Magic Break
GUARD 50 50
Armor Break Mental Break Threaten
50 50 GUARD
Death Provoke Doom
Distill Sensor Scan
0 0 0
Gravity Delay Eject
0 0 0
Zanmato Lv.

Great Malboro Weapon Ability Drops

Great Malboro drops weapons with the following Weapon Auto-Abilities

Piercing Dark Touch
Silence Touch Sleep Touch
Poison Touch

Great Malboro Armor Ability Drops

Great Malboro drops Armors with the following Armor Auto-Abilities

Dark Ward Silence Ward
Sleep Ward Poison Ward
Confuse Ward Berserk Ward
Stone Ward

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