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This is the Story Walkthrough for Treno( Disc 2) ofrom Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Burmecia Cleyra

Train to Treno - Objectives

1 As instructed, head to the rest area in the upper right of the station.
2 While in the rest area, talk to the attendant.
3 Head outside for a short scene then return to the rest area.
4 Ride the train heading to Treno.
5 Talk to Marcus then prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Black Waltz 3 (2nd)
6 After exiting the train, head to the Dark City of Treno, the only accessible area on your location.

Dark City Treno - Objectives

Optional Boss Griffin
Optional At the entrance of Treno, there is a fountain where you can throw a coin to feel happy. Throw a coin 13 times to recieve the key item Gemini.
1 Take the left path then take the stairs leading downwards.
2 Head down then follow the road until you reach the Auction Site.
3 Head back then take the stairs leading to the drunkard.
4 Follow the road until you reach the slums then take a left turn to enter the bar.
Optional If you happen to have an extra 10,000 gil lying around, securing the Reflect Ring from the Treno Auction site will prove beneficial to the party.
5 Talk to Marcus inside the bar and agree to join.
6 After the scene, from the entrance of Treno, take the left path then follow the road until you reach a huge tower.
7 Head inside the tower.
8 After the scene, enter the newly opened up path.
9 Head left then activate the lever in that room.
10 Head back then take the opposite path then head north.
11 Activate the lever in this room then head south and activate the lever here. Prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Ralvuravha

Treno Auction

The Trenu Auction during this time houses the rare Reflect Ring which bestows Auto-Reflect on the equipped character. For more information about the Auction, see the link below.

Treno Auction House Side Quest Walkthrough

Queen Stella's Stellazio

In Treno you will meet Queen Stella, an avid collector of Stellazio coins. Returning each Stellazio, named after the Zodiac Signs, will net you several rewards from her. For more information about where to find the Stellazio coins, check out the link below!

Stellazio Side Quest Walkthrough

Treno - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Phoenix Down x1 Located at the left side of the screen upon arriving at the south gate going to Treno.
Gil x1610 Found just past the bridge after descending the stairs.
Gemini x1 Throw 10 Gil 13 times in the fountain.
Yeti Card x1 Obtain from a treasure chest on the left, after climbing down the ladder.
Gil x1 Obtain from a treasure chest on the lower right, after climbing down the ladder.
Taurus x1 Pick it up behind the small house.
Mythril Dagger x1 Located pass the bridge, where a girl and her dog stand.
Tonberry Card x1 Obtain by defeating the Griffin in the shop.
Chain Plate x1 Acquire from a chest located at the left side of Gargan Roo.



Interact with the fountain on the left side of your screen. Throw 10 Gil in the fountain 13 times.



From the first location, head straight until you see a bridge. Climb down the ladder and go behind the shop to pick up the item.

Mythril Dagger

Mythical Dagger.jpg

From the first area, descend the stairs to your left. Keep heading straight until you see a girl with a dog.

Chain Plate

Chain Plate.jpg

Go to Doctor Tot's house once unlocked. He will reveal a passage to the Gargan Roo. From the center, go left to find the treasure chest.

Treno - Shops

Doug's Item Shop (Disc 2)


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


This shop sells no weapons.


This shop sells no armor.

Weapon & Armor Shop (Disc 2)


This shop sells no items.


Weapon Name Price
Mythril Dagger 950 Gil
Mage Masher 500 Gil
Dagger 320 Gil
Lightning Staff 1200 Gil
Ice Staff 980 Gil
Flame Staff 1100 Gil
Mythril Sword 1300 Gil
Mythril Rod 560 Gil
Air Racket 400 Gil
Needle Fork 3100 Gil
Fork 1100 Gil
Mythril Spear 1100 Gil


Armor Name Price
Leather Plate 530 Gil
Bandana 500 Gil
Barbut 600 Gil
Leather Wrist 200 Gil
Glass Armlet 250 Gil
Bone Wrist 330 Gil
Mythril Gloves 980 Gil
Linen Cuirass 800 Gil
Chain Mail 1200 Gil
Silk Shirt 400 Gil
Chain Plate 810 Gil
Bronze Vest 670 Gil

Treno Synthesis Shop (Disc 2)


This shop has no synthesizable items.


Weapon Name Synthesis Price Synthesis Item 1 Synthesis Item 2
The Ogre 700 Gil Mage Masher Mage Masher
Butterfly Sword 300 Gil Dagger Mage Masher


Armor Name Synthesis Price Synthesis Item 1 Synthesis Item 2
Cotton Robe 1000 Gil Wrist Steepled Hat
Yellow Scarf 400 Gil Feather Hat Steepled Hat
Gold Choker 1300 Gil Linen Cuirass Soft
Glass Buckle 500 Gil Glass Armlet Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Gil Desert Boots Fork
Desert Boots 300 Gil Leather Hat Leather Shirt
Coral Ring 1200 Gil Lightning Staff Rod
Cachusha 1000 Gil Magus Hat Rubber Helm

Treno Boss Fights

Black Waltz 3 (2nd Battle)

Black Waltz 3 2nd battle
Black Waltz 3 is here again. He has a couple of new tricks, but is overall easier than before. For more information about Black Waltz 3 (2nd Battle), see the link below.
How to Beat Black Waltz 3 (2nd)

The Weapon Shop's Griffin

ff9 Griffin Mini-Boss Fight
The Griffin is an avian boss that relies on wind attacks and strong physical attacks. The party must choose a candidate to battle the Griffin for a 1-on-1 match. For more information on how to beat the Griffin, see the link below.
How to Beat the Griffin


FF9 Ralvuravha
A boss fight that won't pose too much problem if the player has obtained several status resistant abilities. For more information about Ralvuravha, see the link below.
How to Beat Ralvuravha

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