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This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for the Stellazio coins in Final Fantasy IX (FF IX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

Stellazio Sidequest Rewards

Sidequest Completion
13 Stellazios
1 Stellazio 1,000 Gil
2 Stellazios Phoenix Pinion
3 Stellazios 2,000 Gil
4 Stellazios Blood Sword
5 Stellazios 5,000 Gil
6 Stellazios Elixir
7 Stellazios 10,000 Gil
8 Stellazios Black Belt
9 Stellazios 20,000 Gil
10 Stellazios Rosetta Ring
11 Stellazios 30,000 Gil
12 Stellazios Robe of Lords

Stellazio Walkthrough

There are 12 Stellazio coins scattered across the game world. Once found, they can be offered to Queen Stella in Treno in order to recieve handsome rewards. Below are the locations of each Stellazio coin.


FF9 Aries

Aries is found in the windmill area in the village of Dali.


FF9 Cancer

Found near the broken crate after entering the entrance of Burmecia.


FF9 Scorpio

Scorpio is found just south of the healing spring in Quan's Dwelling.


FF9 Gemini

Gemini is found in the fountain near Treno's entrance. You need to throw Gil into the fountain 13 times for the Gemini coin to appear.


FF9 Taurus

Taurus is found behind the tent in the Treno slums.


FF9 Virgo

Located near the ladder inside the Black Mage Village's Inn.


FF9 Virgo

Located in the fountain in Madain Sari's square.


FF9 Leo

Leo is found in the upper right corner of the Neptune Statue room in Alexandria Castle's West Tower.


FF9 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is found in the grassy area of Lindblum's Business District, near where the Granny sells Gyshal Pickles.


FF9 Capricorn

Capricorn is found at one of the dead ends leading to the synthesis shop in Daguerro.


FF9 Aquarius

Aquarius is found inside the treasure chest to the right side of Ipsen's Castle's entrance.


FF9 Pisces

Pisces is found inside the Invincible.

The 13th Stellazio

FF9 Ophiuchus

The 13th Stellazio, Ophiuchus, is found in the same location you found Scorpio in once every Stellazio has been given to Queen Stella.

FF9 Hammer

The Hammer you obtain can be used to craft the Tin Armor, the best armor in the game for Steiner.

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