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This is a Side Quest Walkthrough for the Treno Auction House from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about this side-quest and its rewards.

Treno Auction House Walkthrough

A Place to Bid on Rare Items

FF9 Treno Auction House
The Treno Auction House sells many rare accessories and Key Items. Having the Gil to buy these items will greatly aid the player in their journey.

Below are the list of items available in the Auction house and when they become available.

Item Name Starting Bid Availability
Anklet 2,500 Gil Disc 3
Dark Matter 2,700 Gil Disc 3
Doga's Artifact 1,400 Gil Disc 2
Elixir 5,200 Gil Upon Obtaining the Blue Narciss
Fairy Earrings 1,400 Gil Disc 2
Feather Boots 2,600 Gil Disc 3
Griffin's Heart 1,000 Gil Disc 2
Madain's Ring 1,300 Gil Disc 2
Magical Fingertip 8,900 Gil Disc 4
Magician Robe 1,200 Gil Disc 2
Mini-Cid 500 Gil Disc 2
Pearl Rouge 2,500 Gil Disc 2
Promist Ring 4,300 Gil Blue Narciss
Rat Tail 3,300 Gil Disc 3
Reflect Ring 2,200 Gil Disc 2
Ribbon 12,400 Gil Disc 4
Thief Gloves 4,500 Gil Blue Narciss
Une's Mirror 2,200 Gil Disc 2

How to Bid?

Talk to the Auctioneer

While a certain item is being sold in the Auction site, talk to the Auctioneer to place your bid. Once no one bids higher than you, you will recieve the item being sold.

Selling Key Items from Auction House

Doga's Artifact

FF9 Doga
This item can be sold to the Scholar at the Synthesis Shop.

Griffin's Heart

FF9 Griffin
Can be sold to an Adventurer outside of the Bishop's Residence.

Rat Tail

FF9 Rat Tail
Can be sold to an Adventurer outside of the Bishop's Residence.

Une's Mirror

FF9 Une
Can be sold to a Nobleman outside the Bishop's Residence.

Magical Fingertip

The Old Man in Daguerro

FF9 Magical Fingertip
An old man in Daguerro will ask for the Magical Fingertip from you when you talk to him. Now head back to Treno and purchase all the Key Items mentioned above and sell them to their respective buyers.

Obtaining the Excalibur

ff9 Magical FingertipEnlarge FF9 ExcaliburEnlarge

Buy the items in the Auction house again and the Magical Fingertip will become available. Buy it and give it to the man in Daguerro to recieve the famed Excalibur.

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